Honevo Rosacea

How to calm Rosacea flare-ups quickly

“Rosacea is known as a disorder of flare-ups and remissions, where symptoms come and go, so the goal is not only to decrease the severity and duration of flare-ups, but to maintain remission to increase the length of time between outbreaks,” – Dr. Julie Harper, clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Waking up with a Rosacea flare-up / breakout overnight isn’t the easiest thing to deal with… Here’s some of my tried and tested methods of how to get a Rosacea flare under control in the shortest time.

  1. Keep to the bare minimum
    My skincare only consists of a cleanser and an oil-free moisturiser, which is already the most basic. Some of us do have more intensive regimes filled with serums, lotions, oils, creams. Scrap them for the time being during a flare, and just stick to the bare minimum – which is cleanse and moisturise. This helps to let your skin breathe and also not make things any worse.
  2. Take fever medicine
    I discovered this when I got really ill some time ago, and realised that my skin cleared up with minimal redness. How strange! I usually look worse when I am ill. I looked at the meds and realise there’re two types of anti-inflammatory meds (one for sorethroat and the other being ibuprofen) that I took. It’s not really the most legit way but if taking fever medicine can calm a bad flush down, why not?
  3. Good quality sleep always helps
    When I say sleep, I mean good quality sleep. Sleep decreases stress levels and that’s something very important for someone who is stressed out with his/her outbreak. Do not overheat when you sleep. Many people tend to be addicted to warmth, meaning they wrap themselves up with a thick comforter even if it’s not really that cold. I am one of them. You’ll end up sweating while sleeping, leading to red, oily skin when you wake up in the morning. Keep ventilated and only use a thin blanket if it’s cold.
  4. Treat with an anti-inflammatory mask
    I use a highly anti-inflammatory mask when having a flare-up from Honeylab – Honevo Rosacea. Just spread a thin layer of kanuka honey and do my thing for a few hours, and the inflammation/redness is always greatly reduced. While doing the mask, try to relax, and drink a lot of water to flush out toxins.
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
    The most instinctive thing to do when one is flushing is to grab ice water and down it in an instant. But no, stay away from iced water. Your body uses more energy to heat up iced water, creating more heat in the body instead. Keep to regular temperature water. The trick is to drink and keep on peeing till your pee is clear. I notice when I have a flare-up, I will usually have dark yellow pee.

Even the strongest person can break down at times dealing with this condition. There is no cure. There is no remission forever. When it comes back, deal with it. Once you stop fighting, it consumes you – it doesn’t just stop there, it keeps getting worse.

Take care and keep fighting, fellow Rosaceans.

Kanuka Honey Update 5 (Honevo Rosacea)

Hi ~ It’s been some time since I last updated on my Honevo Rosacea journey.

The other day, (a good skin day) I was looking into the mirror very closely to see how my skin has improved. Redness has definitely decreased, pores look smaller, and overall no active zits. With a light layer of CC cream on, people will probably not be able to tell that I have Rosacea. I was pretty happy that the treatment is working well for me.

The very next day when I woke up…. Redness, roughness, tiny clusters of breakouts with some pesky whiteheads appeared, overnight. I sighed, cried a little and wondered just how long more I have to go through with this shit.

With Rosacea, the toughest part is when you think you’re 80% recovered, and boom the next day you’re back at square one. I think even Acne is not that hard to treat, cause Acne appears over time. You rarely get a full face of pimples in just one night.

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Kanuka Honey Update 4 (Honevo Rosacea)


This is how my face looks like at Week 4 with no makeup on.

My progress kinda went backwards this week cause I travelled over the weekend. Note: My skin always go crazy when I travel. ALWAYS.

I was using cc cream (with SPF) every day, and I think my skin got quite irritated with the extra cleansing. Not to mention, the flight there and back also kinda dried my skin out so I had breakouts and peeling, so it was kinda in a mess.

I brought my Honevo Rosacea and applied it religiously during the holiday weekend and I think it has helped a little.


Kanuka Honey Update 3 (Honevo Rosacea)


Hello! Am back with updates for Week 3 :) I’m a little late on this week’s update as there were some issues with my Honevo Rosacea and I had to stop treatment for a while. But it has since been resolved, and fortunately I am able to continue on my treatment and review.

My skin has gone from scaly and dry last week to a lot smoother and softer this week with no change in routine. Pore size does look a little smaller, but I might be wrong.

Redness has definitely decreased quite a fair bit. Afterall, I had Rosacea for a few years now, and I suppose it will take some time to help with the redness that’s the main problem.

Itching wise, I have stopped experiencing intense itching at night as compared to Week 1 & 2. Hopefully that means less mites on my face at this stage?


Kanuka Honey Update 2 (Honevo Rosacea)


Hello, back with another for Honevo Rosacea.

I had pretty much okay skin before starting Honevo Rosacea. I experience mostly redness, open pores but no obvious pimples or breakouts. By the end of Week 1, I had many itchy skin colored bumps on my skin from using the kanuka honey twice a day.

Some of the itchy bumps have resolved themselves, but this week, part of my skin where it’s sebum rich (forehead, around the nose, chin) started to feel scaly and dry. My skin is rough to the touch. I also have active breakouts which I rarely have before starting on Honevo Rosacea.


Kanuka Honey Update 1 (Honevo Rosacea)


Hi all, I have started on the Kanuka Honey treatment! Am currently on Day 7 of the treatment and decided that it’s better if I do a weekly update to track my progress.

What is Kanuka Honey?

HoneyLab is a company from New Zealand that does research on honey, bee venom and such. One of their lines is called Honevo (which specialises in medical grade Kanuka Honey for Rosacea, Acne and Nappy Rash.)