Clarins Body Treatment Oil: Bye Cellulite

clarins-body-treatment-oil-singapore-review-ohhhoney-blog-2016 (2)

My body is what people term a classic pear,  boasting a small upper torso with huge ass and thighs. Life ain’t always fair. *sigh*

I think huge ass and thighs are things I can live with, but the cellulite that comes with it almost always makes me cry. Some people are fat, but their skin is still firm and smooth. I’m not that fat, but I’ve got tons of cellulite. The dimpled appearance of the skin makes me feel really conscious about how others will look at me.

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Taipei X Hualien Adventures [Part 2]


Day #3 – Enroute to Hualien

I woke up as Mcgrumpy as we had to wake up quite early and head to the Taipei Main Station to catch an express train to the scenic city of Hualien. We bought the tickets from Puyuma Express which takes about 2-3 hours from Taipei to Hualien.

In our rush, we didn’t have time to stop for breakfast… thank god for the railway bento (台铁便当) that you can buy before boarding! If you’re looking for food options, definitely check these out cause they’re surprisingly tasty!

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2 years into Suture Eyelid Surgery


Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I did my double eyelid surgery via the suture method and I thought to just blog about how it has been for me, as I have received many emails from you lovely ladies considering to go through with the operation.

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Oral Health and Diabetes – Ora2 to the Rescue!


Did you know Oral health problems can lead to Diabetes?

*WHAT? Are you serious? How is bad teeth / breath going to give me diabetes huh?*

Yepp, my exact thoughts when I first read about it.

The Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative (JSDEI) was recently held in Singapore, where more than 400 medical and dental healthcare providers from around the world to exchange scientific findings on the inter-relationships between diabetes and periodontitis and possible prevention, treatment and cure of these disease burdens.

Singapore has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations. That’s scarily high on the ranking charts. *Are you worried now? Cause I am*

Don’t worry, we can always start on improving our oral health right now.

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Taipei x Hualien Adventures [Part 1]

This trip was a special one. It’s the first official trip we took as a couple. As I started a new job last year, it was difficult to plan any trips together for a while. We hardly spend as much time as we’d like to so spending my days and nights for a good whole week together was just something I looked forward to in a long time.

Every day comprised of exciting moments and adventurous spontaneity as we explored the streets and sights of Taipei and Hualien. A really surreal and beautiful experience that I wish to keep in my memories. We can’t wait to visit again soon for the food, people and sights we didn’t get enough of this time round. 

After checking in at our AirBnB at around 9pm, we wasted no time and embarked on our first (food) adventure.

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Best eyelash extensions in Singapore


Hello ladies! Today I thought to blog a little about my experience with eyelash extensions. I have been getting lash extensions for the past 1-2 years now, and have tried a few different salons and thought to share my experience here!

I’ve rank them top down, from the best to the worst. Here we go!

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T r a n q u i l l i t y

Hello! Been feeling down and sick in the past 2 months. Maybe it was due to stress or something, I don’t really know… but all’s good now! December’s been a really kind month so far (in terms of work) and I can’t wait to jet off for holidays next week.

Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk_Singapore_blog_review_2015_ohhhoney

So recently, I’ve visited a few ‘nature’ places and thought to share, as I felt that it is one of the best natural ways to improving one’s health and well-being.

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Kanuka Honey Update 5 (Honevo Rosacea)

Hi ~ It’s been some time since I last updated on my Honevo Rosacea journey.

The other day, (a good skin day) I was looking into the mirror very closely to see how my skin has improved. Redness has definitely decreased, pores look smaller, and overall no active zits. With a light layer of CC cream on, people will probably not be able to tell that I have Rosacea. I was pretty happy that the treatment is working well for me.

The very next day when I woke up…. Redness, roughness, tiny clusters of breakouts with some pesky whiteheads appeared, overnight. I sighed, cried a little and wondered just how long more I have to go through with this shit.

With Rosacea, the toughest part is when you think you’re 80% recovered, and boom the next day you’re back at square one. I think even Acne is not that hard to treat, cause Acne appears over time. You rarely get a full face of pimples in just one night.

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