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– Beauty / Makeup –
Vanity Trove
Ioma Paris 
Naoki Yoshihara by Ash (Hair)
Trinity Aesthetics (Skin)
Ma Cherie & Majolica Majorca
Za: Launch of Rich Glam Liquid Rouge
Chinois Spa
Philip Kingsley (
Part 1)

– Food & Beverage –
Bliss House
Wan He Lou
Fullhouse Signature

– Shops & Services –
Alive Museum
Amore Silver
APretti Nailz
Tatty Marsh
Physical Abuse
Swiss-BelHotel Harbour Bay
LeBunny Bleu
Air Connection

– Product Reviews –
Braologie (Part 1Part 2)
Koh Lamp

– Others –
Fox Mio TV
Singapore Management University
MINDEF – Support NS


  1. hi,i’ve read your blog and it help me a lot,,i’ve been experiencing the same problem on my face but a little mild but still irritating,and i’ve seen this meiji collagen and thinking if i should try it,good thing i have read ur blog..maybe i should try it too..tnx

  2. Hi, could you assist me in getting an agent? Because I just started my blogshop. And really needs to earn for myself and my family. So need to find the cheapest and most trustable ones

  3. Im also in the same boat having both seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. Visited Doc in NSC and took both antibiotics+tropical creams. It got reduced when i took medicines and later came back once i stopped it.
    Do u have recommendations on Doc who specialises in Rosacea and Sebrrohic Dermatitis. Pls share…

    1. hey Sam, the last doctor I visited was Trinity Medical at Parkway Parade area. After that my rosacea has been under control from using this skincare line called Papulex.

      I don’t believe in antibiotics and topical creams (tried them all myself). It’s best to find something that works for your skin type and stick to it.

      Perhaps you can try asking for a sample of Papulex, it’s clinic prescribed only.

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