Top 5 attractions in New Zealand you don’t want to miss

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Hakatere Conservation Park (Mount Sunday)

The set for Edoras, the main city of the Rohan people in Lord of the Rings was built on Mount Sunday. It’s not an easy feat climbing up this mountain and the winds were especially strong at the peak, but the scenery is definitely worth the effort.

Driving a camper van on raw gravel road for a good two to three hours is certainly exhausting and uncomfortable. Rent a small vehicle for a more comfortable ride.

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Changi Cove x Birthday Staycay

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Had a really lovely staycation at Changi Cove during beebz’s birthday. Being lazy bums, we pretty much spent most of the time hanging out in our cozy room and only heading out to fill our tummies. Will totally love to do this again soon!

What we really liked about Changi Cove is the staff, hands down. Happy faces and polite greetings before we even stepped through the main door. Check-in was a breeze and we’re off to a great start to our staycay!

Our room was just perfect. Great comfy bed (it’s super comfy), great view of the nature right outside our window, cute lounge chair to chill and swing in, movie channels, high-end L’occitane toiletries and even complimentary Nespresso capsules and chocolates!

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Taipei X Hualien Adventures [Part 2]


Day #3 – Enroute to Hualien

I woke up as Mcgrumpy as we had to wake up quite early and head to the Taipei Main Station to catch an express train to the scenic city of Hualien. We bought the tickets from Puyuma Express which takes about 2-3 hours from Taipei to Hualien.

In our rush, we didn’t have time to stop for breakfast… thank god for the railway bento (台铁便当) that you can buy before boarding! If you’re looking for food options, definitely check these out cause they’re surprisingly tasty!

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Taipei x Hualien Adventures [Part 1]

This trip was a special one. It’s the first official trip we took as a couple. As I started a new job last year, it was difficult to plan any trips together for a while. We hardly spend as much time as we’d like to so spending my days and nights for a good whole week together was just something I looked forward to in a long time.

Every day comprised of exciting moments and adventurous spontaneity as we explored the streets and sights of Taipei and Hualien. A really surreal and beautiful experience that I wish to keep in my memories. We can’t wait to visit again soon for the food, people and sights we didn’t get enough of this time round. 

After checking in at our AirBnB at around 9pm, we wasted no time and embarked on our first (food) adventure.

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[Bali Escapade] City Explorers

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Was very lucky to be able to take a short weekend trip to Bali recently thanks to Susy… I last visited Bali in 2014 and am happy to get another chance to go back so soon.

Bali is such a charming little island. I love how everyone looks so happy and relaxed there, and it’s also a food paradise. I did have one bad experience of being cheated while I’m there but that aside, it was still a wonderful trip.


Skin woes + Bali Trip updates

Recently, I was feeling quite down cause I started breaking out quite badly.. lucky I have Trinity Medical to save my skin! Did an extraction and IPL on last Friday night, alongside with a Hyaluronic Acid infusion to save my peeling skin. Going back to the doctor tmr, fingers crossed that something can be done to improve my skin before Susy’s wedding!

Because of the breakout, stayed home mostly last week. I want a date night soon :'( Get well soon, and gimme my happy weekends back~

Anyway, took a trip recently to Bali for Su’s bachelorette party & photoshoot. Here’s some photos from the trip~ Will do a post listing the places we went to when I get the photos from Bernie’s cam :)





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Less than 2 weeks to Su’s wedding, can’t wait! :)

Seoul-searching (Day 4)

Rise and shine and we’re ready for Day 4! Today we conquer Lotte World :)

In comfy amusement park attire for the day

A little about Lotte World

Located in the heart of the city, Lotte World is the perfect spot for entertainment and sightseeing. It is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink, different kinds of parades as well as a folk museum, a lake, and much more.

Getting to Lotte World
Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 & 8), Exit 4.
Lotte World is directly connected to the station.
For more info, click here


Tickets at 44,000KRW each, which is about S$53.

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (2)

We started from the Indoor Theme Park! Nothing much actually. Just cutesy rides for small kids.

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (3)

Getting ready for the teacup ride~
Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (4)

The famous indoor hot air balloon ride! The queue was super long but we still queued for it. I’d definitely recommend this for families and couples cause it’s a good time to bond (while queuing and during the ride)

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (5)

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (6)

View from the top~ I love how it feels like a small country in here, complete with castles and houses :)

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (7)

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (8)

We headed to the outdoor theme park (Adventure and Magic Island) next as the indoor rides are mainly for younger kids & families…


Cherry blossom trees in full bloom ❤ See all the couples just sitting around? So romantic! I wanna go dating under cherry blossom trees too :'(

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (11)

The first ride we attempted in the outdoor theme park was the …. GYRODROP.

Lotte_world_2014_blog_review_ohhhoney_Seoul_korea (3)

Must we really do this?

Lotte_world_2014_blog_review_ohhhoney_Seoul_korea (2)

We made a bet that whoever screamed while on the ride had to treat dinner. I immediately regretted it when we were in our seats and we were seconds from zooming up.


I almost died (ok more like close to peeing my pants). Too exciting for this old bag of bones here.

Spotted this on the way to queue for other rides. Love love love these colorful ice-cream balls! My lips were so seriously dried-out…I bought this twice in a feeble attempt to hydrate myself hahahaha

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (10)

One of our favorite rides – it’s like a giant rocking banana boat, LOL

Korea_seoul_Singapore_7D6N_itinerary_Lotte_world_review_blog (9)

We tried many other rides and they were all quite exciting. But the queue was super long, one ride was about 40-45 mins of queuing, in the cold. We left the theme park after trying the major rides… Headed back to the hotel to freshen up for a bit.

We went to meet Su and Ed for dinner and she asked her korean friends to join us this time round. Tried this restaurant – VIPS Steak and Salad Bar, which is quite a famous steakhouse in Korea. I didn’t take any pictures but read this comprehensive review I found :)

“VIPS is a fine dining restaurant serving top-quality steaks grilled on high-temperature barbecues and a seasonal salad bar that carries a wide variety of dishes and fresh vegetables. The Korean chain, which offers traditional steaks and 90 different menu items, is becoming increasingly popular.”

During the dinner, we got to know Jun and David, which was pretty interesting cause we hardly interacted with any locals on our trip. They kindly brought us for jja jang myun at a local eatery which was like super cheap and yummy!

It’s like tourists who come to SG, get chopped by tourist traps like Newton Circus and still think it’s a good bargain. So awesome to have locals bring us around!


By the way, thought to share.. mentioned that Su & Ed was in Korea for their pre-wedding shoot. For those who are planning to do so, how are you looking for a make-up artist, gown rental and nice venues to shoot? Most korean places are not English-speaking so research and planning can be hard.

David was the one who arranged for the make-up artist, gown rentals etc for Su & Ed’s shoot. It is good to hire a Korean guide at a reasonable charge. Saves you time and effort.

Contact David at:
Mobile: +82 10 6416 8669
LINE: david_silver (download LINE on Appstore, it’s like whatsapp)
Specialise in: Wedding, Beauty (plastic surgery yes), Guest house

Okay, so our day ended pretty late but we had lots of fun and good food! More in the next entry.


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