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Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Hydrating Serum on Sensitive/Rosacea Skin


Recently, my skin’s getting kinda dry and tight. Maybe it’s work stress, and I have been breaking out more than usual as well. So I thought… what’s the best way to add moisture without changing my oil-free moisturiser that I absolutely love? Serums.

Serums are a concentrate that targets a particular skin problem, thus we often see serums targeting brightening complexions, fading scars, hydration and more.

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Leaders Insolution: Yay or Nay?


Hello ladies.. Have been trying the Leaders Insolution masks recently and I am quite happy with how well they have been working for my sensitive, dehydrated skin that is also prone to acne spots (confusing skin type, I know).

My skincare routine is simple – just cleanse, moisturise and doing a nightly medical honey mask and that’s about it for now. I don’t know where I found the guts to try out a new product but I’m glad I did.

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Skincare review: Papulex

Helloooo! Finally reviewing the Papulex range which I’ve been using for the past 2 – 3 months. This is not a sponsored post (I paid for these products) and I’m only sharing them cause these are great products which I feel you should know about!

Papulex was recommended to me by Dr Kan from Trinity Medical and I’m so glad she did!

If you’re not aware, I suffer from Rosacea (read here). It has gotten much better under the care of my doctors at Trinity Medical. When I got started on these products, I have sensitive, dehydrated skin with breakouts.

My cleanser for the past few years have been Bioderma (a wipe off, non-rinse cleanser) because it’s the only thing that does not irritate or dehydrate my skin. But was wiping with micellar water really clean enough? It wasn’t. My breakouts kept recurring, and I noticed especially so after wearing bb cream/foundation.


Dr Kan put me on two papulex products:

1) Papulex Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel 150ml
2) Papulex Oil-Free cream 40ml

Papulex Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel 150ml


  • Helps reduce imperfections while cleansing the skin gently with its soap-free formula
  • Helps reduce the appearance of blemishes while keeping skin feeling smooth and fresh
  • Gentle and ideal for daily acne care for sensitive skin

This cleanser comes in a light green colour, and it’s texture is rich and thick. Not sure why it’s a soap free cleanser when it still foams up though. I squeeze a little from the packaging and lather it up in my palms before massaging it onto my skin for a good 1-2 minutes.

I was really apprehensive about using a facial foam for the first time in like years, all cause previous experiences with facial foams leave my skin feeling dry, taut and peeling. BUT, this cleanser does not!

And that’s something worth mentioning coming from someone who has really sensitive and dehydrated skin. My skin feels more supple after cleansing and it’s not so red after cleansing anymore.

Papulex Oil-Free cream 40ml

I have never loved moisturisers. In fact, I only used to put moisturiser on when my skin is peeling cause…. any time I put it on, they break me out!

When I squeezed some moisturiser out of the tub, I was shocked to see that it’s a thick white cream. I thought “Die already lah, confirm breakout after using one” but was suprised yet again when applying that it has a really light consistency. It does not feel oily AT ALL despite looking thick and oily. It’s really an oil-free cream that suits my dehydrated skin, by adding moisture and not oil.

A little goes a long way and a tube will last me about two months with everyday use.

The combination of these two products works awesomely together, with the cleanser moisturising and deep-cleansing my skin, while the oil-free cream delivers moisture without the oiliness that may cause breakouts.

My skin has never looked better in years and as their tagline says “Love your skin again”, I’m happy to see my skin improving.

I believe in having a good routine at home. It’s much more effective than using the wrong products everyday and going for treatment (like facials / lasers) every month. Will keep on using these and hopefully, see a difference in a few more months :)

If you’re keen, I got my Papulex products at Trinity Medical.

87 Marine Parade Central
Level 2 #02-500A
Singapore 440087
Tel: 6344 0027

Ioma Paris launches Cell Protector SPF50+ PA+++


Visited Ioma Paris counter recently for a blogger’s event unveiling the launch of their new product – the IOMA Cell Protector SPF 50+ which is dubbed as our skin’s brightness protector shield.

Before I review this product, let me share a little about Ioma:


“IOMA, measurable effectiveness, on every woman, on every skin”

At the forefront of advanced technology, IOMA is a pioneering, respectful and exacting brand, dedicated to the science skincare, catering to the wellbeing of every woman.

In short, they combine science with skincare and deliver measurable results to the end consumer.

We all had a go at the Ioma Sphere, where we did a macroscopic measurement analysis of our skin.
HOW COOL (and a little scary) IS THAT?

First, you fill in a quick questionnaire and put your face into the machine where they will take 6 photos using different lights. It was a little daunting for me cause I had so many flaws…


And you get an analysis that looks like this!

With 1 being the best and 15 being the worst on the scale, my most immediate problems were hydration (7/15), bacterial activity (11/15) and clogged pores (14/15).


Ioma_Singapore_Product_Review_Cell_Protector_SPF50_Ohhhoney (5)

The consultant then explains each condition in detail:

Ioma_Singapore_Product_Review_Cell_Protector_SPF50_Ohhhoney (6)


Look at the red areas (bacteria) and white spots (clogged pores). My skin’s so gross I felt like dying right there and then.

At the end of the consult, they recommended a skincare routine for me to stick to. For my skin type, I need to scrub my skin at least once a week to unclog those pores, hydrate well and protect myself from sun exposure!

Okay, let’s get back to IOMA’s new star product, the Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++, under skincare range number 7 in IOMA skincare products.

I have used it for about 2 weeks now, and I really like it.

– It’s yellow in colour, and does not leave a white cast after patting it in.
– It’s not greasy like some other sunblocks I’ve tried. Gives quite a matt finish after letting it absorb into the skin
– The packaging is extremely hygienic and one pump is enough for my entire face

– It does feel a little drying on my cheeks (woes of combination skin) but nothing a little moisturiser can’t save.

Thanks to Ioma for the invite. To better skin with less pigmentation!

Robinsons Orchard (Shaw House)
260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855
Tel: +65 6836-0945
Hours: 10:30am – 10pm daily

Braologie give-away winner review

Hey guys, I did a give-away for Braologie sometime ago and one of my lucky winners, (we shall call her Iris-M) wrote back to me to share her thoughts on the item she won… the Posture Contour Pants. I am super excited after seeing the pictures and would like to share it with you guys.


If you haven’t read my previous posts on Braologie, click to find out if you’re wearing the wrong bra & how to enhance your cleavage in just a minute.

Let the photos do the talking. She is wearing a mango dress in EU size L / US size M below.




Before we read what she has to say, I would like to say she looks amazing and I am sure you can see the difference in the before & after pictures, esp the tummy area and the bulges at the thigh areas are significantly reduced.

What she liked:

– They’re really good at nipping in the waist without much muffin-topping. There is a little but it isn’t noticeable under most clothing.

– I’m impressed with the use of soft boning in the upper area (~ 5 inches), it’s really effective in preventing rolling down and contouring the waist.

– I like the ruching detail in the middle of the bum area ensuring that the contour pants actually have two cheeks. It works and I think it would have a great effect in tight trousers.

-They are really comfortable to walk around in. I almost forgot I was wearing them.

-They are easy to get in and out of compared to similar products.

What could be improved:

-As for the downsides, the boning, while soft, gets uncomfortable when sitting.

-I would love if the pants came a little higher, they end right at the natural waistline. It would help both with the slight muffin top and the boning digging in when sitting.

-I wish they were just a hint shorter. On the front after image you can see where the lace detailing is pressing against the leg – the contour pants end two inches above the hemline of the dress, max. Which leads to the other minor issue, the lace detailing at the bottom edge is a little too noticeable and textured.

Overall I am really happy with them. They work great, are relatively comfortable to wear, and I know that if I need to visit a bathroom when I’m out and about getting the contour pants off and on is quick and easy.

So go on and check out Braologie if you haven’t! Facebook page here :)

Have a great week!

Meiji Amino Collagen

Hello guys! If you’re in your 20s like me, you probably have the same concern that I have…. Aging!

Recently I feel that as I grow older, my skin is less moisturised (naturally without moisturiser) as the constant wearing of makeup/removal makes my skin tight and irritated (which will cause wrinkles in the long run!)

It’s like new jeans are always awesome to touch right? But when you wash it over the years, it gets dry and wrinkly – just like us.


Collagen starts to decrease drastically after the age of 20. Factors like UV light and stress accelerate the loss of collagen. Thus it’s recommended to start early. (And I just started using sunblock for the first time in my life like last year OMGGGG)

Thus, I looked up a few brands and finally decided to try out Meiji’s Collagen as they have been in the market for some time and seem pretty reputable.


Instructions and ingredient list are printed in English. One spoonful of collagen powder contains 5000mg collagen peptide, 450mg arginine, 60mg glucosamine and 50mg of vitamin C. All these extra ingredients are meant to make the collagen work efficiently.

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (3)

You can add the collagen to soups, tea or coffee.

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (5)

The tin was about 3/4 full and comes with a plastic scoop.

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (6)

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (7)

Time for my first collagen fruit juice! Let’s test if it is easily dissolved and whether there will be any weird taste.

(Disclaimer: Actually you are supposed to mix it with 150ml of liquid which is approximately one small bottle of orange juice. I used 2 bottles instead. I suppose it’s okay and should be easier to dissolve since there’s more liquid.)


The collagen formed blobs in the juice and looked kinda..unappetising. I continued stirring for a LONG time before they all disappeared.

The taste wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. If you’re not a fan of fish, this could be pretty unbearable for you.

My verdict

May 2013

I didn’t really see much difference after one month. Not much of the moistful, bouncy skin as promised. Collagen supplements take a long time to see effects. However, I did notice that zits appear but they (seem to) go away faster.

Aug 2013

Definitely feel that my skin has become more moisturised. My skin problems for the past 5 years have become much much better after sticking to a routine and drinking collagen.

Click here for my routine


What’s not so good about this drink…

– At $65 per bottle (28 days supply) from Watsons, it’s not exactly cheap to upkeep. (I see Qoo10 selling it at just $38 for the same bottle, but kind of sceptical as to whether it’s real due to the huge difference in price)

– The taste was bearable for me when mixed with orange juice but when I tried it with other drinks like green tea/Milo, it tasted really weird.

– Hard to dissolve completely in cold drinks. I still have blobs formed even when I stir really hard with a metal spoon.

In case you have any other questions, here’s the Q&A from Meiji’s site:











Koh Lamp by Koh Concepts

Thanks to Koh Concepts, I received a Koh Lamp for a review and boy, I was blown right away with the vibrant tones the Koh Lamp exudes.


How did the concept of Koh Lamp came about?

The concept of the KŌH Lamp was inspired during a trip to a village in Africa. Each night the villagers would gather around the campfire to discuss their days. To set the mood, they would place light bulbs inside coloured canisters to create complementary lighting. Paired together with the warm glow of the fire, this created a soothing backdrop for friends and family to come together and catch up.

*No photos in this review were photoshopped so as to provide an accurate review of the actual color/lighting*


Time to unwrap the parcel and find out what’s inside!

Here’s the bulb and adaptor neatly packed into individual boxes.

The pastel purple is extremely pretty in real life. And purple happens to be my favorite color out of the extensive range of colors available!

Only 3 items:
The Jerry Can, light bulb and power adaptor!

So…what’s so unique about this Koh Lamp? Well, other than being shaped like a ‘Jerry Can (which is already interesting), it is easy to bring around due to it’s light weight and is definitely a statement piece you should have in your home or interior/exterior decor anywhere.

Is it difficult to get it running?

Yes, just 3 steps.

First, take out the light bulb and screw it onto the adaptor port.


Next, screw the light bulb into the hole at the side of the Jerry Can.

Here’s the switch that lets you turn the lamp on/off easily. It’s big enough for you to step on in case you are lazy to bend over.

And lastly, connect the adaptor to a power outlet!

Let’s do the lighting up ceremony :) The photos simply don’t do the Koh Lamp justice cause my camera doesn’t fully capture the beauty of the lights!

I placed the lamp near my bed. The purplish glow softens up the entire mood of my bedroom and is perfect to turn on when I watch a show on my laptop or just lie on my bed dreaming about the future.





And trust me when I say it’s light and portable. It’s lighter than a textbook so you can basically carry it everywhere.

Shifted it to my living room to test out the lighting of the Koh Lamp. It’s perfect to turn this on while pigging out with popcorn and a Saturday night movie.


Here’s some ways in which the Koh Lamp have been used.

Photos credited to Koh Concepts. Perfect for homes/ hotels and basically anywhere where you wish to create a great mood through lights.



The Koh Lamps retail at USD150 each (inclusive of worldwide shipping). They will be coming to local stores soon.

Visit and follow their Facebook page to find out more.