Review: REN Evercalm Cleansing Milk for Sensitive / Rosacea skin


Although Papulex has been working wonders for me for the past two years, I felt like trying something new to help with the redness I still experience with my Rosacea.

I’ve recently picked up a new cleanser, which took me a lot of courage cause I almost always break out with anything new that I use due to my sensitive rosacea skin type.

This cleanser is from REN and it’s one of their best sellers… the REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk.

REN terms themselves as clean skincare, and their products excludes bad skin ingredients like parabens, sulphates, additives and more.

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Taipei X Hualien Adventures [Part 2]


Day #3 – Enroute to Hualien

I woke up as Mcgrumpy as we had to wake up quite early and head to the Taipei Main Station to catch an express train to the scenic city of Hualien. We bought the tickets from Puyuma Express which takes about 2-3 hours from Taipei to Hualien.

In our rush, we didn’t have time to stop for breakfast… thank god for the railway bento (台铁便当) that you can buy before boarding! If you’re looking for food options, definitely check these out cause they’re surprisingly tasty!

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Not sure if it’s due to an exceptionally stressful period in my life right now, but I’m dealing with one of my worst outbreaks ever. Like painful and itchy big red zits over my cheek area, which I don’t usually have. These scars are going to take forever to fade *depressed*

Aside, I’m very thankful to my very patient bf who always listens to my complaints and tells me I’m still beautiful in his eyes (thank you b if you’re reading this).

Looking forward to BBQ with the guys on Saturday (hello yumsies food!).

Also, I’ve passed my probation at my new workplace (yay!) To be honest, I’m glad I made my mind up to step into an industry I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve definitely learnt more stuff in these 3 months than I did for my last 3 years. Looking forward to more events and knowing more media contacts!

Yupp, that’s basically all that’s happening in ma life right now. Update again soon xoxo

New on the job

So recently I’ve ventured into a totally new career path… Public Relations!

On my 3rd month right now and have done two events thus far.
The work is pretty fast-paced which I kinda enjoy, cause time just flies by every single day.
But it’s not always a bed of roses… I still have so much more to learn.

Am just very thankful for the nice peeps I get to work with :)



The sushi incident

I went to Sushi Express alone the other day to grab a quick meal. It was relatively empty so I chose a random seat and got settled in quickly.

Only saw broccoli and leafy greens so I picked them up while waiting patiently for my sashimi to sail by on the sushi belt.

After maybe 10 mins, a couple came in and sat right opposite me (with the sushi belt in between us). I presume they should be husband and wife in their late thirties.

So I was chewing on my broccoli and instead of looking down at the table the whole time, I decided to look up. The husband happened to look up at the same time so we had a brief one-second kinda eye contact.

What happened after was the most ridiculous thing ever.

The wife (let’s call her A) started making really rude comments.

A to husband: Why you looking at her? Trying to flirt with her ah?
Husband: No, don’t be crazy. And don’t say so loudly can. People can hear

A to husband: I know you look at her. She so young, you not ashamed of yourself ah
A to husband: Why you such a flirt, like to look at random sluts

A to the air: Wear until so exposive.. show boobs big ah… girls these days
A to the air: Pretty also no use, still have to come eat alone

I was this close to punching her… this close. But the guy looked pretty paiseh and apologetic so I didn’t confront her. I just ate my stuff and asked for the bill quickly.

I was wearing a tank top and jeans by the way. She has no idea what slutty even means… I wish Su was there with me so she can muay thai her freaking mouth.

After that when I was free, I stopped and thought about why someone would behave in that way. Crazily overly-suspicious and have no trust in your other half at all. Then I remembered I used to be somehow like that too (not so extreme though). After being hurt, there are really a lot of inner demons and you struggle with them every single day. You suspect every single little thing and you live in fear all the time.

Maybe something happened between them prior that pushed her over the edge. Might explain why the guy puts up with it too. Or maybe she’s just crazy IDK?!

I’ll definitely mind where I’m looking the next time I step into Sushi Express alone.


9 more working days. Just 9 more.

Really looking forward to a new environment. There’s both exhilaration and fear going to a new place. What if my new colleagues are not nice? What if the job is too difficult? So many what-ifs.

Changed a new hairstyle. I did Mucota Rebonding for the first time and it feels quite nice. Not much smell and slightly shorter time required than the usual. I was quite shocked to see how short it was after doing the c-curl on the roots though. Need some time to get used to it..


These few days, I’ve probably cried a litre of tears.

I looked back and remembered.. how heartless I used to be when looking at my other half cry, begging, but not feeling anything. I just sat there and watched him cry. I just wanted him to stop bothering me.

Funny how all the feelings of love just suddenly disappeared and I became a cold-hearted bitch who cannot care less. I believe in karma now.

On a lighter note.. Watched ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ over the weekend, and it was hilarious!

Story goes: Devastated Peter takes a Hawaiian vacation in order to deal with the recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know, Sarah’s traveling to the same resort as her ex – and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend.

I love Jason Segel (Peter). He’s super funny and he sacrificed his weewee for this movie! (Yes, full nudity alert)

I love how heartbroken Peter rediscovered himself, acknowledged his mistakes and started his new life. Though I don’t think anyone would have survived through the movie plot in real life.

Also watched The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Personally I didn’t like it.. Some action here and there but overall lacking something. No steamy scenes as well (give us something to drool over won’t you?!) May not watch the third installment which is split into 2 movies AGAIN. Damn these movie makers who just wanna extend the screen life and milk more money out of the series.

Blog again soon :)