Review: Indeed Lab’s Hydraluron for Sensitive / Rosacea Skin

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Review Sensitive Skin Rosacea 2017 hyaluronic acid serum ohhhoney.jpg

I’m back with another review for another highly raved serum – Indeed Lab’s Hydraluron. I read about it from Caroline Hiron’s blog, and was immediately tempted to purchase one to help my rather sensitive dehydrated skin type that is also prone to breakouts.

Indeed Lab’s claims that Hydraluron boosts moisture levels in one’s skin daily. It contains the purest form of hyaluronic acid – an incredibly hydrating ingredient that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water – as well as red marine algae – which mildly stimulates blood circulation – to provide maximum delivery of moisture beneath the skin’s surface.

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Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Hydrating Serum on Sensitive/Rosacea Skin


Recently, my skin’s getting kinda dry and tight. Maybe it’s work stress, and I have been breaking out more than usual as well. So I thought… what’s the best way to add moisture without changing my oil-free moisturiser that I absolutely love? Serums.

Serums are a concentrate that targets a particular skin problem, thus we often see serums targeting brightening complexions, fading scars, hydration and more.

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Leaders Insolution: Yay or Nay?


Hello ladies.. Have been trying the Leaders Insolution masks recently and I am quite happy with how well they have been working for my sensitive, dehydrated skin that is also prone to acne spots (confusing skin type, I know).

My skincare routine is simple – just cleanse, moisturise and doing a nightly medical honey mask and that’s about it for now. I don’t know where I found the guts to try out a new product but I’m glad I did.

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Clarins Body Treatment Oil: Bye Cellulite

clarins-body-treatment-oil-singapore-review-ohhhoney-blog-2016 (2)

My body is what people term a classic pear,  boasting a small upper torso with huge ass and thighs. Life ain’t always fair. *sigh*

I think huge ass and thighs are things I can live with, but the cellulite that comes with it almost always makes me cry. Some people are fat, but their skin is still firm and smooth. I’m not that fat, but I’ve got tons of cellulite. The dimpled appearance of the skin makes me feel really conscious about how others will look at me.

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2 years into Suture Eyelid Surgery


Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I did my double eyelid surgery via the suture method and I thought to just blog about how it has been for me, as I have received many emails from you lovely ladies considering to go through with the operation.

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Oral Health and Diabetes – Ora2 to the Rescue!


Did you know Oral health problems can lead to Diabetes?

*WHAT? Are you serious? How is bad teeth / breath going to give me diabetes huh?*

Yepp, my exact thoughts when I first read about it.

The Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative (JSDEI) was recently held in Singapore, where more than 400 medical and dental healthcare providers from around the world to exchange scientific findings on the inter-relationships between diabetes and periodontitis and possible prevention, treatment and cure of these disease burdens.

Singapore has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations. That’s scarily high on the ranking charts. *Are you worried now? Cause I am*

Don’t worry, we can always start on improving our oral health right now.

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Best eyelash extensions in Singapore


Hello ladies! Today I thought to blog a little about my experience with eyelash extensions. I have been getting lash extensions for the past 1-2 years now, and have tried a few different salons and thought to share my experience here!

I’ve rank them top down, from the best to the worst. Here we go!

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Buying beauty products on Carousell


I was scrolling through Carousell earlier and have some compelling thoughts I absolutely needed to share. Carousell is an online marketplace which allows you to create your own ‘mini shop’ to sell your new or pre-loved items. The categories I usually browse is ‘For Her’ and ‘Beauty Products’, sometimes ‘Games & Toys’ too.

Under the Beauty Products category, many ladies are selling their skincare and makeup products – and I realised a huge chunk of them are selling USED skincare and makeup products. And many people actually buy them!