Review: REN Evercalm Cleansing Milk for Sensitive / Rosacea skin


Although Papulex has been working wonders for me for the past two years, I felt like trying something new to help with the redness I still experience with my Rosacea.

I’ve recently picked up a new cleanser, which took me a lot of courage cause I almost always break out with anything new that I use due to my sensitive rosacea skin type.

This cleanser is from REN and it’s one of their best sellers… the REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk.

REN terms themselves as clean skincare, and their products excludes bad skin ingredients like parabens, sulphates, additives and more.


Packaging is simple, nothing fancy which I really like. The cleansing milk is actually in a plastic bag placed in a clear bottle, and the design ensures that you’ll get most of the product out without wastage.

The scent is very subtle and smells of a light citrus that helps perk me up when I massage the milk onto my skin. The texture is amazing. You pump out about two pumps and let it warm up on your palm. It becomes slightly runnier and easier to spread after being warmed… feels almost like ‘melted butter’.

I massage it gently around the face for two minutes and wipe off with cotton pads. I will also rinse with warm water to ensure I’ve gotten it all off. It doesn’t leave a sticky film behind after rinsing and the skin is fresh and comfortable, and comparatively less red than if I were to use a foam cleanser. It also feels more clean than just using Micellar Water as a cleanser.

Ingredients wise, there’s quite a lot of debate on the philosophy of the company being clean skincare when they use quite a lot of skin unfriendly ingredients in their products. For example, I ran the ingredient list for this cleansing milk on cosdna and there were a few ingredients that showed high comedogeneity levels and acne-causing results as well. But I guess if a product works for you, the ingredients used really does not really matter.

Priced at $50 for 150ml, it is quite reasonable if you can stretch it for a 2-month usage period. I’m not even done with my first bottle, and have already purchased a new one for back-up cause I didn’t want to run out of this goodness.

I will recommend this product for those with sensitive, dehydrated and redness prone skin. If you have acne, you might want to reconsider as there are ingredients that are acne causing.


One comment

  1. This was a very informative product review for this cleansing milk. I’ve suffered from rosacea for nearly 15 years now and I’ve found limited success using OTC topical creams and laser therapy. I will give this cleansing milk a try. It sounds like there’s some potential here. The tricky thing about rosacea treatments is what works for one person may do nothing for someone else But it is definitely worth the try — thank you for your input.

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