Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Hydrating Serum


Recently, my skin’s getting kinda dry and tight. Maybe it’s work stress, and I have been breaking out more than usual as well. So I thought… what’s the best way to add moisture without changing my oil-free moisturiser that I absolutely love? Serums.

Serums are a concentrate that targets a particular skin problem, thus we often see serums targeting brightening complexions, fading scars, hydration and more.


I searched hard and long (no kidding) for a basic hydrating serum with no fragrance / parabens  / harsh chemicals / colorants that will suit Rosacea / Sensitive Skin types and ended up with two immensely popular brands – Indeed Labs’ Hydraluron, and First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum. It is extremely hard to find serums that are suited for sensitive skin. Most of them contain fragrance which is the top sensitizing factor for reactive skin types.

So I’ve been using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum for about a week now, and am happy to say that it does what it claims – layer it under your moisturiser to help hydrate, soften and smooth the skin.

Their clinical results reported a 178% immediate improvement in skin hydration, and also 100% of test subjects exhibited an increase in skin moisture after using the product.

My personal thoughts is that this serum is more suited to oily to normal skin types. The consistency is very light, transparent gel which disappears completely into the skin when massaged gently into moist skin. After application, I did experience a little bit of initial breakout on my left cheek and on my chin area, but they subsided pretty quickly.

I tried using this serum alone, but found that it leaves the skin tacky and sticky. I think it might be due to hyaluronic acid in it, and I absolutely cannot stand the sticky texture. After applying moisturiser over, it dries to a matt finish which is lovely.

Unless you experience itching or burning when this serum is applied, I’d say give it a few days to settle in. I’ve read that when one has very dehydrated skin and you start to moisturise it, the skin will usually purge or react in the initial stage. Once it’s used to the moisture, the breakouts will subside.

I intend to keep this in my routine to see if it helps with my redness, but so far, I do feel that my skin is more moisturised and bouncy. At $60 per bottle (30ml), it’s not exactly cheap but not as expensive as other serums out there. For those with sensitive skin foraging into the serum world, you could give this product a try.

I adore Paula’s Choice beautypedia reviews and they gave this serum 5/5 stars:



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