Is Tree Tree Oil for Sensitive Skin?


So I recently took a break from work, and decided to try out Tea Tree Oil to help my sensitive, Rosacea skin that is prone to redness, surface dryness and breakouts.

I’ve heard a great many things about Tea Tree Oil and it’s antiseptic properties, and was excited about the benefits it could bring to my skin.


What I’m currently using


I have Rosacea. It’s a condition that is chronic, and symptoms include dryness, redness, and rash like pimples that come and go. Have a look at how my Rosacea looked like at it’s worst here) Since then, my skin is clearer and does not have severe breakouts. But it’s not perfect, so I’m always looking out for new ways to make it better.


I’ve been using Papulex products (review here!) for the past 1-2 years and they have worked so wonderfully for me that I will keep on using them till something better comes along.


I’ve been using Honevo treatments for the past year. This is a medical-grade honey treatment specially developed to treat Rosacea and I’m happy to report that it has helped me to control my symptoms well. (read my Honevo reviews here)

So… onto Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a wonder oil. But it shouldn’t be used 100% pure on skin without any forms of dilution as it may possibly burn the skin.

As such, I incorporated tea tree oil into my routine in 3 ways:

  1. Adding a drop of tea tree oil into my cleanser every time I wash my face
  2. Applying tea tree oil (diluted with some water) on zits directly
  3. Adding two drops of tea tree oil into two pumps of shampoo for my scalp

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Fresh minty feeling when I wash my face (face tingles)
  2. Skin feels dry even after applying moisturiser (unlike usual)
  3. Skin appear redder than usual
  4. Broke out in whiteheads within 2 days (I rarely breakout nowadays)
  5. Broke out in full sized pimples within the week (all over my chin area)

I thought it was an initial breakout phase as the oil is killing all the bacteria and pushing all the toxins out, and kept on trying.

4 weeks on, the breakouts are still here.Skin was visibly irritated with more dryness, redness and zits all occurring at the same time.

However, the effect of adding Tea Tree Oil to my shampoo worked wonders. I’ve dandruff at times, and TTO really helps keep my scalp clean and fresh.

As such, I will recommend you to approach Tea Tree Oil with a lot of caution if you have sensitive skin. Perhaps the safest way is to apply it diluted on zits.

What’s your experience with TTO? Do share! Xoxo, Jen



    1. I’ve no problems when using it on zits directly, but not when I use it all over! Guess it’s a little too strong for my sensitive skin :(

  1. While tea tree oil can have many beneficial properties, there is a certain population who should be advised to avoid use of tea tree oil. Due to its estrogenic properties, it has the potential to cause hormone positive breast cancer tumors to grow larger. For most, it is safe, but for those with a hormone positive breast cancer diagnosis, perhaps a small warning to avoid?

    For reference details, see Question 7 at this link:

    Thank you!

  2. Hi, I just know that I have rosacea a few months ago and GP had misdiagnosed it as normal pimples/acnes for a couple of years, Visited a few GP and they always prescribed antibiotics to me which did not help with my rosacea as I still experienced intense itchiness on my face, chin and upper neck for the past few months. I am thinking of visiting NSC but afraid that I will not be able to get an appointment date soon. What would you recommend?

    1. Hi babe, is your rosacea very severe (redness with spots all over) or just redness? for NSC if you’re going for subsidised, I think you’ve to wait for quite some time. I went for private at NSC and the bills are not cheap.

      If it’s not an extreme serious case, I’d suggest trying Papulex which helped me a lot. Can go to Trinity Aesthetics as they sell it there. Look for Dr Kan.

      1. Hi , I try to use tea tree oil just 2 small drops mixed into my moisturizer cream cicaplast la roche posay or avene cicalfate (zinc cream) it works very well on my face. You should try it as a night cream for killing demodex

      2. Hi, thanks for replying. I have redness on both my cheeks and nose, and have spots all over my face and jawline and upper neck. I managed to see a dermatologist at CGH and was prescribed with Rozex gel to apply. However I am experiencing intense itchiness on some parts of my face and also have more red and white bumps. I don’t know whether I should continue using it or not and I am actually desperate to look for solutions as it has strongly affect my life in a negative way. Feel super depressed. I saw on Facebook post that Dr Kan is leaving Trinity Aesthetics at the end of this month and Dr Lim will be taking over. Do you have any recommended dermatologists that I can visit? One GP recommended me to visit Dr Henry Loh at Parkway East but I am afraid of spending a lot of money and see no improvement in my rosacea.

      3. Well, I’ve seen quite a lot of doctors and to no avail. I think you can still visit Trinity and ask if you can try Papulex. It’s honestly one of the best skincare products I have used and It’s not overly expensive or anything. You have to be realistic and know that Rosacea is chronic, that there’s no cure. I feel that the best way to control is via skincare, and also diet. I used to see Dr Priya Sen at National Skin Centre but I think she has her own clinic now (can just google). Good luck babe, and if you wanna chat, can drop me email at I will be happy to help you with whatever I know.

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