Q&A: 2 years into Suture Eyelid Surgery


Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I did my double eyelid surgery and I thought to just blog about how it has been for me, as I have received many emails from those who are also considering to go through with the same procedure.


What are the types of eyelid surgery?

If you’re new to eyelid surgery, there’s basically two major types to choose from:
1) Suture method (Not permanent, stitches on your eyelids, short recovery time)
2) Cutting method (Permanent, cutting your eyelids, longer recovery time)

Here are some of the most common questions I was asked over email.

Why did you choose suture over cutting?

I chose it purely because…… I did not have enough leave to take for long recovery! I also read that others did suture because it is reversible, in case you didn’t like how you look, you can have the stitches removed.

If you give me a choice, I would have chosen to cut, as it is permanent, and you don’t pay a lot more for it. Period.

Can you use makeup after surgery?

After the surgery, I didn’t use makeup for an entire month while waiting for the swelling to subside. Subsequently, when I started to wear makeup, I took my doctor’s words very seriously about being gentle and not rubbing the eyes too hard. It ended up with me having a load of eyeliner residue on my lash line building up, making my eyelids itch and eyelashes fall off.

Tip: Use a cotton pad soaked with Bioderma and gently place over each eye for 15 seconds to dissolve the makeup before wiping off gently.

Has the crease / height decreased over time?

Well, right after the surgery, my eyes were really swollen, and the height of the crease was so high I wanted to hide in a hole and not see anyone ever again. In about a month, it de-swelled to a reasonable height and it stayed almost the same since then. I do regret doing 7mm cause after using eyeliner, my crease is not so obvious anymore. It’s like why do surgery when the crease can’t be seen right?

When the stitch breaks, I will consider doing 9mm or 10mm using the cutting method.

Can you do eyelash extensions after eyelid surgery?

Yes, you can! I’ve been doing eyelash extensions for quite some time now. Read here for my reviews on the best lash extensions in Singapore. Do inform your lash stylist that you have had surgery done so they will be extra careful with your lids. During eyelash extensions, there will be some tugging and pulling, so please only attempt after your surgery has completed for 3 months at least.

For more information on double eyelid surgery, you can read more at Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore


  1. Hi! Thanks for this update! Just wondering, will you go back to Andrew Tay for the cutting method or will you look for other doctors (or even overseas?) Thank you! :)

  2. Sorry for the double comment! Also just wondering why you decided to go for a tapered instead of the more “popular” parallel crease?

    • No problem! Ahh, cause I usually don’t wear makeup, so I asked for the most natural one and tapered was recommended. I have a friend who did parallel and the height was really high you could tell immediately she has had surgery (which is not a good thing imo).

      I think i will be considering doing the parallel crease by cutting method next :)

  3. Hi!
    I was wondering if you had any fading of the double eyelid with the suture method or does it still look defined?

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