Oral Health and Diabetes – Ora2 to the Rescue!


Did you know Oral health problems can lead to Diabetes?

*WHAT? Are you serious? How is bad teeth / breath going to give me diabetes huh?*

Yepp, my exact thoughts when I first read about it.

The Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative (JSDEI) was recently held in Singapore, where more than 400 medical and dental healthcare providers from around the world to exchange scientific findings on the inter-relationships between diabetes and periodontitis and possible prevention, treatment and cure of these disease burdens.

Singapore has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations. That’s scarily high on the ranking charts. *Are you worried now? Cause I am*

Don’t worry, we can always start on improving our oral health right now.


It’s a pity I couldn’t make it down to this interesting conference due to work but fortunately Felicia sent over some of the products from Ora2 (Sunstar) for me to try (thank you!)

I’ve been using them for two weeks now, and am happy to share how well they really work for me!


No one says no to cute packaging

I must really say for one – I really love their product packaging, cause it’s really much prettier than the usual dental brands, no? The bright cheery colors certainly help to perk me up for a better start to the day!

High quality products backed by research

I’m sure all of us have bought products which claim to ‘whiten teeth by 3 shades in 3 days’ or ‘get rid of bad breath immediately’ and end up really disappointed. Sad to sad, a lot of products out there sell based on marketing terms rather than actual quality.

I generally prefer to use products with actual research / background, like most of us do when we purchase skincare products. We read, research reviews online, find out about the ingredients… why should oral care products not matter as much?

Sunstar has been a leader in championing educational activities on the association between oral health and diabetes for the past 30 years. That itself just shows a certain level of quality in the products for me.

My main concern


One main concern that I have is with tooth stains / yellow stains. I remember once when I was out with my friends and my boyfriend commented “eh you never brush your teeth ah, so yellow”. I was quite embarassed and hurt inside.

Tooth stains can be caused by the combination of polyphenol contained in foods such as coffee, wine and tea, and proteins that coat the surface of teeth (pellicile). Being a very avid tea drinker, I think that might have contributed to my yellowing teeth… I also took antibiotics for two years straight for my acne/rosacea, and read that it might cause yellowing of the teeth too.

I also feel that food tends to get stuck in my wisdom tooth crevices after I lunch, and it creates a feeling of un-freshness afterwards. Due to my work, I have to meet and talk to people at times, thus I needed something to refresh my breath without having to brush every time I finish eating my lunch.


To combat these problems, I tried the OraStain Clear toothpaste. I use the Peach Leaf and Mint flavor one at home, and bring the handy travel-sized version in Natural Mint to the office with me. Brushing with the stain clear toothpaste felt very comfortable. There is no extremely strong minty flavor that I get with other toothpastes, and the freshness lasts for a longer period of time. The natural mint is light with a subtle herbal taste to it while the peach leaf version leaves me feeling fresh and flirty.


Right after lunch, depending on the food I ate, I will either brush again with the OraStain Clear Toothpaste or if I am in a rush, I will simply use the OraBreath Fine Mouth Spray to refresh my breath. This spray is wonderful! It has an antibacterial formula, and is stylish to carry in my purse everyday. I love that it doesn’t dry out the mouth unlike some other sprays I have tried and it comes in 7 flavors which makes me spoilt for choices!

Personally, I am very pleased with the results and would keep on using the products. Hoping to achieve better oral health and steer clear of diabetes! For those who are concerned with oral health issues and are looking for a quality product backed by sound research, give Oraa try!

View Orafull range of products here: http://www.ora2.sg/products.php

Oraproducts are available in all leading supermarkets and healthcare stores.

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