Best Eyelash Extensions in Singapore


I love lash extensions and I think anyone who wants beautiful eyes should give them a try. I’ve been getting lash extensions done for the past few years now, so let me share my reviews below!


1. Allongee Lash Design (NEW!)

Number of strands: Natural Lash (120 lashes, C curl, 9mm – 12mm)
Cost: Price list here (Very affordable touch-ups, good for long term lash extensions)
Location: 14 Keong Saik Road

A relatively quaint salon located in the busy Keong Saik Road with friendly staff and pocket-friendly prices. They don’t have the most luxurious studio decor, but definitely clean and tidy.

So I did a detailed lash consultation before the session and found that my lashes are not in good shape with some holes / gaps due to my lashes falling out. I also voiced my concern that my lash extensions tend to droop after a week or so and were too heavy at times. Stylist Mari did a lash check for me (where they extend a few lashes and see if it fits my eyes). It curled up perfectly and also looks very natural. Seeing that I am happy with the curl and length, they then proceeded to do the full set for me. I was asleep most of the time as it was comfortable and I didn’t feel any pain.

Overall, I find the process very soothing, and the lashes are indeed lightweight and opens up the eyes perfectly. I was served a cup of tea at the end and left alone in the powder room to tidy up. She also shared some care tips on how to wash my face, what not to use, and also how to dry the lashes after washing. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Allongee and will continue to visit.

One more thing worth mentioning is the price point that Allongee offers. Starting from just $40 for touch-ups within 3 weeks, it’s really one of the most value for money, authentic Japanese lash salons in Singapore based in a central location.

Rating: 5/5 stars

2. My Sassy Lashes

Number of strands: Natural Lash (120 lashes, C curl, 10mm – 12mm)
Cost: S$108 (Full price list here)
Location: Singapore Shopping Centre, #02-25 (behind Dhoby Ghaut MRT, 5 mins walk)
Booking: Packed schedule – booking form and slots here


My Sassy Lashes is a very popular lash salon that has a lot of loyal customers (just check out their booking system and you’ll see how popular they are). Just a 5-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT, their salon is really quite convenient to get to.

My lash stylist Yuki trained in Japan to be a certified eyelash specialist and have more than 6 years of experience in providing eyelash extension services. She’s not only friendly, but also a very genuine and warm person. I noticed during the registration process that she did ask some rather detailed questions about my eye’s sensitivity as well as my preferences, so as to customise a better experience for me.

I’m not gonna review the whole process, but jump straight into what really sets them apart from other salons, making me wanna keep going back… basically 2 things – superior product knowledge and quality of products!

Yuki could answer all my questions regarding lash extensions do’s and don’ts, how to care for lashes, cluster vs lash by lash etc. I could write a whole Q&A on eyelash extensions based on the info she shared with me (when I am free that is). Best part is she’s not irritated by me asking questions but shared really sincerely.

Quality of products wise? To be very honest, most lash extensions make my eyelids swell up for at least 1-2 hours afterwards and I could definitely feel stinging sensations as my skin is quite sensitive. But with My Sassy Lashes, it’s the first time lash extensions DIDN’T HURT AT ALL. I was asleep for most of the session. I was super amazed and impressed after waking up, and couldn’t stop asking Yuki how is it possible that it doesn’t sting at all. She explained that their products are imported from Japan and the quality is good. Also, the glue shouldn’t touch your eyelids as the lashes are glued on top of your original  lash. So that depends on the skill of your lash stylist.

My other half also commented: “I’ve seen you do so many lash extensions, but this one looks really natural and beautiful”. That’s the opinion from my other half who doesn’t usually notice such stuff.

My Sassy Lashes is definitely the salon of my choice and rank top on my list for now. I trust them to make my eyes bright & beautiful.

Rating: 5/5 stars

3. Graceous Eyelash Extension Salon

Number of strands: Natural Lash (80 lashes, C curl, 11mm – 13mm)
Cost: S$100 (Price list here)
Location: 9 Mohamed Sultan Road, #03-02
Booking: Hard to book last minute, packed schedule


Graceous is a Japanese lash and nail salon which has gained popularity with bloggers and users due to their good quality lash and service. My girlfriend wanted to try, and I agreed. It was my first ever lash extension and I was a little nervous about it.

We got there on time, and the salon was empty as we were the first appointment of the day. I was assigned to a Japanese lady, who was extremely polite and gentle. She sat with me and did a consultation. Told me that my lashes are quite straight and pointing downwards, thus she recommended c curl for me at 11mm – 13mm.

Beds do not have screens between them thus a little lack of privacy, but as we’re the only ones there, it was fine. She cleansed my lashes with some sort of solution and to remove any dirt before proceeding to tape my under eyes and start with the extension. The whole process was very comfortable, and I gradually fell asleep!

I think there was a part where I opened my eyes to peep a little and the glue seeped into my eyes. It burned like hell, but the lady serving me quickly used a fan to ‘blow’ at my eye area to alleviate the pain. Extensions was done under 1.5 hours including consultation which was a good first experience.

Graceous’ lash extensions were very natural looking and lasted me almost 2 months (still have some strands left after the two month mark), which may partly be due to me not wearing eye makeup on most days and I also don’t really have the habit of rubbing my eyes after my eyelid surgery.

Rating: 4/5 stars

4. Yuting Lash Extensions (Yishun)

Number of strands: Natural lash extension (80 lashes, C curl, 10-12mm)
Cost: S$60
Location: Home based in a condo
Booking: Usually full, but can book within one – two weeks
Number: 9169 9016


I tried this right before I went to Taiwan for holidays, and i’m really impressed by the quality. Yuting is a Taiwanese lady who learnt the Korean lash extension technique. The lashes are lightweight and don’t look fake, and the best part is the price is affordable. She’s very friendly and not hard to get along with.

I like it especially that she provided me with a sponge to take care of my lashes and also a lash brush for free, which comes with a small instruction card. The lashes fall out every 1-2 days which is normal.

Photo on the right is with no makeup on. Can’t really see my lashes from far away but it’s noticeable when talking face to face. Very natural, which is what I like. Downside is that it is a little inaccessible but the price makes up for it.Recommended for Northies who are looking for a cheaper eyelash extension service that is decent.

Rating: 4/5 stars


5. KJ Studio (Covo)

Number of strands: Natural Lash (100 lashes, C curl, 11mm – 13mm)
Cost: S$100 (Price list here)
Location: 43A keong saik road 089147
Booking: Had to wait one week after calling


KJ Studio is another Japanese lash salon which is quite popular online. A friend told me that KJ studio is pretty good and that I have to try it out.

Got there a little late cause I underestimated the time I would take to get there from my office but the lady was nice and didn’t show me any black face for being late. It was 7+ pm and there were a few ladies doing their extensions inside. Same like before, I had a short consultation before proceeding in.. Since they have a promo for first-timers, she asked me to try 100 strands instead of 80 and I agreed.

The whole experience was very pleasant and took about 1.5 hours in total, by then I was totally dying of hunger at almost 9pm but I was really satisfied with the lashes. Eyelids were a little swollen from the glue but no major reaction which is good.

Did this satisfaction last? Sadly no. The lashes fell out much more and faster compared to Graceous’ extensions and was almost all gone by 1.5 months. The lashes also went out of shape no matter how much I tried to comb them so they ended up looking like spider legs towards the end of their lives.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

6. Highbrow Singapore Lash Extensions

Number of strands: Natural Lash (100 lashes, C curl, 10mm – 12mm)
Cost: Groupon deal at the time
Location: Buona Vista / Cityhall
Booking: 6694 2777

So I bought a Groupon deal for lash extensions at Highbrow. Results were a little more dramatic than expected. Lashes look very obvious and long. What I remembered most is how lasting they are…. lasting me almost 2 months before looking all terrible. Not sure what kind of super eyelash glue they used. And as usual, the therapist seemed more interested in upselling me their packages before, during and after the session.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

7. EyeDesign by Devonshire (Tj Pagar)

Number of strands: 120 strands, C Curl
Cost: Starting from $100
Location: 60 Tras ST #02-01, Singapore 078999
Booking: 6221 2855


Another authentic Japanese lash salon that I have tried. I was served by Ms Yumiko and she’s very sweet and easy to talk to. Other than the very good service, I will point out what’s special about EyeDesign by Devonshire. After consultation, I laid down on the bed and Yumiko asked if I want to do a mini ’10 piece extension’ and check if the length was okay before proceeding on with the full extension. I thought it was a really good idea, especially for first timers who have no idea what length suits them.

I also tried lower lash extensions for the very first time, and find that it creates a wider eye effect than with normal lash extensions. I guess when you think of it – how can someone have very thick lashes on the top and be totally bare on the bottom lash line? It helps make your lash extensions look more real. I did the volume lash extensions, which means there’re 2 or 3 lashes on one strand to make your lashes look fuller than single strands.

Overall, I like the service and the place is really zen and clean. Eyelids were swollen for 1-2 hours which subsided eventually. They also have a hair salon arm located right beside on the same floor. Located just five minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT, I will visit again in a heartbeat.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

8. Queen’s Market (Tanjong Pagar)

Number of strands: Lash extension (120 lashes, C curl)
Cost: S$50 (tried it during a promotion)
Location: 16A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088493
Booking: Busy after work hours

Read good reviews about them on beautyundercover’s page here so decided to try them out. It’s a Japanese based beauty salon nestled in the long row of food places in Tanjong Pagar. Location wise, it’s not easy to find and not situated near the MRT.

First impressions, place is kept neat and tidy which I liked. Lady boss Mika San was very polite, and service was great. Lashes were done after a consultation and there was no pain felt during the session. The nightmare came when my lashes fell out in clumps after barely a week, when I did not even use eye makeup during the week. I have double eyelids done and made it a point never to rub my eyes so I’m not sure why this happened?

*I called them to inform of this matter, and they have kindly offered a refund or for me to go down and redo the set. I think this shows that they are sincere and responsible at the very least. I found it too troublesome and took the refund option instead.

Rating: 2/5 stars

8. Private Room (Tanjong Pagar)

Number of strands: Korean flat lash extension (100 lashes, ?? curl, ??mm)
Cost: S$100 inclusive of brazillian wax (Promo at that time). Think the normal extensions usually cost $100+, please call to check
Location: 43A keong saik road 089147
Booking: hard to book for same week appointment


Heavily promoted by bloggers, this is quite a new establishment. Their ambassador is Yan Kay Kay and I managed to know about this salon’s promotions as I follow her on Instagram. She looks really pretty with her lash extensions so I thought to give it a try as it was located just five minutes away from my office! This was one of my most ?? experience ever.

My not so good brazillian experience aside, let’s just focus on the lash extensions. It was a Singaporean lady who was assigned to me. She didn’t consult with me and just went straight into it. I didn’t know how many mm she was doing but she’s started already so I’m like never-mind, I’m sure she knows what she is doing.

The experience was so painful, I didn’t feel comfortable during the entire duration. The stick that she was holding kept poking into my lashes and it was just pain pain and more pain. And the glue seeped into the eyes and it burned like hell, can’t stop tearing. After the extension was done, I looked into the mirror and I was quite unhappy that the lashes were so short, it’s like I didn’t have extensions on at all. I just paid and left quietly since there’s nothing much they can do at that point already.

As expected, the lashes didn’t last long, and they were out of shape barely 2-3 weeks in. They also look ‘plasticky’ and unlike the ones at Graceous and KJ Studio that looked more like natural lash hair. I will probably never visit them again. This teaches me a lesson that I probably should never try services on promotion as you’ll be stuck with a bad job for one – two months and a lot of unnecessary pain just to save a few bucks.

Rating: 1/5 stars


Q&A: Will lash extensions harm my real lashes?

That was my question to most of the salons I have visited. All of them told me the same thing – lash extensions, when done properly, should not affect your real lashes. The individual lash is glued on top of your own lashes, and your own lashes fall out due to natural cycle, not due to the extensions.

For me, they are a great convenience cause they darken the eye line, akin to wearing eyeliner without actually having to wear any. It opens up the eyes beautifully and the best part is not having to wear any makeup to look decent enough to head out.

Xoxo, Jen



  1. Hi Jenn, I love your review. they are unbiased and clear. Well done. One question I have is: What matter most in eyelash extension quality? The technician or the product used? If both, what will your weightage be? M

    • Hi M! I think both technician and product is important, if I were to place importance on their weightage it will be 40% technician 60% product.

      Cause I’m so intolerant to pain, the technician’s skill must be good, if not the whole process is just going to be uncomfortable. And i always check to see how long lasting the lashes are after a month or so before reviewing. It really helps differentiates between the good salons and the bad ones!

      Have a few more new reviews coming up!

  2. Thanks for your review, I will give gracious eyelash a try. Unfortunately after reading some reviews, I have tried eye design by Devonshire and it was a horrible experience at the Devonshire branch. I was told the technician was a manager but she really is not the most friendly person I have met, doesn’t smile, doesn’t even try to understand what I like? In the end it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I should have visited the tras branch.

    • hey dear, were you served by Yumiko at the Devonshire branch? I was served by her and found her quite friendly, but her english is quite limited so she didn’t talk much. Hope you have a better experience at Graceous! Ask for the japanese therapists as they have singaporeans working there too if I’m not wrong :)

  3. Hello~ I was very curious about your eyelid “surgery”, because I am considering doing the suture method as well! Would you say that your results right now are what you had in the beginning? I would love to hear about your feelings and thoughts on it as of now! Love your blog so much! <3

    • Hi babe! Yes, after the swelling came down after the first month, it has been the same way since, till now.

      I think it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life to correct my uneven eyes and I will strongly recommend anyone to do it. Only regret is that i didn’t do the cutting method due to not enough leave from work. When this suture breaks, I will definitely go for the permanent method. :)

  4. Hi babe! Do you have close up picture when you did it at Yuting Lash Extensions (Yishun)? I want to try it out there but I’m afraid as it is my first time. How long does it last and how much is the touch up? Thank you

    • Hi dear, I don’t have the closeup photos but trust me when I said it’s natural. I’ve done with quite a few salons and Yuting’s one is good. Lasting depends on how you take care of it. Mine maybe about 1.5 months..

  5. hello dear! glad to see your blog as i was looking eyelash extension… this is a very useful guide

    • Hello dear! Allongee and my sassy lashes are pretty close in standard I would say..

      Allongee is an all Japanese salon – very friendly and gentle when they do the extensions. The first time costs about $100, but their touch ups are one of the cheapest in SG. I paid $40+ for touch up after 3 weeks. Good if you’re considering affordability for long term.

      Yuki from My Sassy Lashes has very good skills and her appointments are very packed! My extensions there tend to last quite long.

      I am going to Allongee now cause it’s nearer to my workplace! Hope this helps :D

  6. Hi. Thank you so much for the detailed review. Very helpful for me as i have only done lash extension once and that was at least 5 years ago! I intend to get my lashes done b4 I go for my holiday and was having a hard time deciding between allongee & graceous.. both seems very good. You review for graceous is 4/5 while allongee is 5/5. It is because of price factor that’s why 4/5 for graceous? As a newbie, which would you recommend me to try or your preference between these 2 would be?

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