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Was very lucky to be able to take a short weekend trip to Bali recently thanks to Susy… I last visited Bali in 2014 and am happy to get another chance to go back so soon.

Bali is such a charming little island. I love how everyone looks so happy and relaxed there, and it’s also a food paradise. I did have one bad experience of being cheated while I’m there but that aside, it was still a wonderful trip.


So Su and I took different flights (she’s earlier by an hour) so we decided to meet straight at the hotel after arrival.

Before boarding my flight, TY asked me to text Su to get her to wait for me at the airport. She was already on flight by then. When I got to the airport, the freaking WIFI could not be connected on my phone… such a big disaster.

I was so lost, wondering whether to wait or not, and constantly by taunted by the aggressive taxi drivers. After waiting for an hour with no way of contacting her, I decided to head to the hotel on my own.

I took a legal taxi where the driver quoted me 200,000 rupiah, and then it became 250,000 after driving for a while, and eventually when I was paying… he asked for 300,000 rupiah! I think I was under a spell or something and just paid him the sum. But afterwards, I realised I was cheated when Su only paid 170,000 while her brother paid 120,000 for the same route. Damn angry you know! I will forever remember his face till the day I die.

So we got to the hotel, washed up and got ready to head out! Finally, the start of our holiday proper! First cafe we got to is The Bistrot.

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We’re staying at IZE Hotel for the first night, and this place was within 5 minutes walking distance from our hotel. We didn’t check the reviews prior and simply just stepped in, cause it looks really pretty from the outside.

I had the Eggs Benedict while Su had fish fingers. We didn’t want a heavy meal as it was already 4pm. My eggs benedict was done quite perfectly, and for the price of SGD5, I really have no complaints on the quality and quantity. The juices were affordable and yummy as well. What I really love is the rustic decor of the cafe. I could just read a book and sip on my juice on a lazy Sunday afternoon in this cozy place. It has fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor too (read here)

The Bistrot Bali
Jalan Kayu Aya 117 | (in front of Red Carpet),
Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia

After we’ve filled our tummies with good food, we headed to Prana Spa for an indulging evening of scrubs and massages. Prana Spa was recommended to Su’s brother so I think it’s one of the better spas in the area.

The decor is beautiful – it’s like walking into an Indian palace, I swear.

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IMG-20150906-WA0023_mr1441524234532There’s a wide range of spa services from their menu, but unfortunately they were pretty booked and we could only do a 90-minute treatment. I chose the Body Scrub and Vichi Shower, along with a hair spa while Su did the Aryuvedic oil dripping on your forehead thingy.

I think the funniest part is when she wanted to walk into the jacuzzi with the kimono robe on, lol.


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Okay, for my treatment, the scrub and shower took place in quite a scary room where it’s fully waterproof. There’s many times I wanted to escape cause it looks like I’m gonna be slaughtered inside. The coffee scrub though was perfect… skin was so smooth for days after the treatment.

We ended the treatment at about 8pm and was famished! There’s a car from the spa that sent us back to the hotel so that’s an added bonus. The experience was good, and the staffs are really friendly so I’d recommend or even go back myself the next time I’m there.

Prana Spa Bali
Jalan Kunti, Seminyak, Bali
Indonesia 80261
Website: http://www.pranaspabali.com/

Decided to try out this restaurant located very near our hotel named Char Char Bar & Grill. They have a really interesting layout. Not sure how to explain cause it was too dark to take photos.

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Can I just say my steamed fish in lemongrass was fantastic? At a bombastic SGD6+ only! I wasn’t too hungry after the spa so this filled me up quite nicely. Su had the butter garlic prawns which she said wasn’t too good. Overall we spent about SGD30 here so I’d say it’s quite a good deal.

It’s quite dark, which sets the mood great especially if you’re going with your special someone. The place just gives off an overall chill vibe with great service staffs. Good reviews on TripAdvisor too! (read here)

Char Char Grill & Bar
Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak
Bali 80361,

Day 2
started on a good note cause we woke up fresh and well-rested. Think it was due to the spa and good dinner the night before. Got ready and headed out in search of a good cafe breakfast :)))

We walked by this lovely cafe called the Corner House and decided on breakfast there!

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Refreshing Coconut Water with Lime and Fresh Fruit Juice
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Side dishes add-on between SGD1 to SGD 3
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I ordered a Corn Fritter Stack (around SGD7.50) which came with poached eggs, halloumi, bacon and avocado with relish while Su had the omelette breakfast set which was quite standard, omelette and toast and roasted tomatoes. All I know was… mine was more delicious than hers! I saw two other tables having the same item so it might be their popular item (lucky me). Not too bad an ambience, also that same rustic chic feeling, just that this one looks a lot cheerier. Somehow we’re good at picking out the ones with good reviews without even doing research – reviews on TripAdvisor here.

Corner House Bali
Jl. Laksmana No.10 A, Kerobokan
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Website: http://www.cornerhousebali.com/

After which, we walked on the streets for a bit and saw this Havaianas store, so did some shopping there. It was the only thing I managed to buy on the entire trip!

We headed for a cafe next – SOUQ, and they sell coffee by Toby’s Estate. I think there’s a cafe by that name in Singapore too. Too full to eat anything still, but just ordered anyway. My mocha was so-so. There’s a cake that’s not pictured here cause it came too late and that one wasn’t too good either. The special part about SOUQ is that it is half retail, half cafe. I tried to take photos of the store but was stopped so..yep.

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Jl. Basangkasa #10
Seminyak . Bali . Indonesia
Website: http://souqstore.co/

It was time to check out of the hotel (around 12pm). But right before that happens, we went to the pool to attempt some selfies!

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While waiting for the driver to come… we decided to head to yet another cafe! This place I’ve been to the last time I visited Bali, but it wasn’t a cafe yet. Introducing Creamy Comfort by Axioo~ Really maximising our time cafe-hopping man.

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Attempt at OOTD taken by Su usually does not end well :(
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I was really too full by this time and could hardly even eat 2 mouthful of the tiramisu. I think I remembered it to be quite decent but I will totally visit this place just cause of the decor alone. It’s too pretty to be missed!! It’s a little further away from our hotel and required a taxi ride.

Creamy Comfort
Jl. Raya Kerobokan, Indonesia
Website: http://www.creamycomfort.com/

We got back to the hotel and journeyed to our next destination – Alili Soori Resort that’s located about 1.5 hours away from Seminyak. Goodbye to cafes and shopping and hello, RESORT LIFE!

Alila Soori_Bali_Review_ohhhoney

Part 2 soon, xoxo



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