Review: Honevo Red [Update 4]


My progress went backwards this week cause I travelled over the weekend. My skin always go crazy when I travel.

I was using CC cream (with SPF) every day, and I think my skin got quite irritated with the extra cleansing. Not to mention, the flight there and back also kind of dried my skin out, so I had breakouts and peeling, which was hard to deal with.

I brought my Honevo Red and applied it religiously during the holiday weekend and I think it has helped a little.



My breakouts and peeling has calmed down after coming back, and I think it’s in good shape this week. Redness has gone down some more, and skin is generally smoother and pores seem a little smaller.

Open pores still remain as one of my biggest concerns. I have open pores on the forehead, around the nose area and on my chin. The other parts of my skin is quite poreless. Pretty sure it’s due to the Rosacea that I have enlarged pores on these parts of my face. Am contemplating IPL again if my condition keeps on improving.




  1. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. May I know if you are still using the La Roche Posay sunblock mentioned in the 2013 post? I’m looking for a suitable one, as my dermatologist thinks my current sunblock is giving me rash like bumps on my face. I’m on Metrogel but I don’t see much improvement. I’m also doing IPL. Would love to know if Kanuka Honey and other products have worked for u so far. I found Avene Soothing mask very good for calming the skin. Thanks!

    • Hi dear, sorry to hear that you’re diagnosed too, hope you’re dealing with it well :) Right now I still use the La Roche Posay sunblock when I head out in the sun for sports. Otherwise I use my SK-II CC Cream usually which has very light coverage and SPF 50!

      Kanuka Honey is working very well for me – I just don’t have the time to update my blog on the progress. I believe Rosacea is caused by Demodex mites, which is why the honey works so well for me. Strongly recommend to try as it’s a natural product with little risk of skin reaction.

      I have tried Avene, La Roche Posay, Vichy and more but nothing works better than the honey in moisturising and keeping my redness at bay!

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