Review: Honevo Red [Update 3]


Hello! Am back with updates for Week 3 :) I’m a little late on this week’s update as there were some issues with my Honevo Rosacea and I had to stop treatment for a while. But it has since been resolved, and fortunately I am able to continue on my treatment and review.

My skin has gone from scaly and dry last week to a lot smoother and softer this week with no change in routine. Pore size does look a little smaller, but I might be wrong.

Redness has definitely decreased quite a fair bit. Afterall, I had Rosacea for a few years now, and I suppose it will take some time to help with the redness that’s the main problem.

Itching wise, I have stopped experiencing intense itching at night as compared to Week 1 & 2. Hopefully that means less mites on my face at this stage?


I am still breaking out in Week 3, with a few painful new zits with pesky whiteheads. Do note that I usually do not break out much before starting on the Honevo Rosacea.

Although the skin is softer and smoother this week, it is still rather taut after washing. A few times, I fell alsleep with the mask on and wake up only after 5-6 hours. When I try to wash it off, my skin feels quite dry. There seems to be less sebum on my skin compared to before starting the treatment. I’m going to try moisturising diligently after washing off the mask at night (sometimes I get lazy and don’t do so).

It takes a long time to eradicate Demodex mites completely. Perseverance is key.

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