Singapore Night Festival

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Visited the Singapore Night Festival with baby last weekend. It was kinda crowded and the weather was so so warm… we did enjoy some of the exhibits though, which I will share below.

We started off from School of The Arts (right beside The Cathay) where they had this interesting ‘paper flower’ that glowed in the dark thing when shone with a UV flashlight. The queue was way too long and messy so we just squeezed our way to the front and looked at others doing it.

We then followed the crowd to the National Museum where there’s the light and animation show outside the building. That part wasn’t too bad; we enjoyed the animation pretty much.

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After which we got into the National Museum where it was steeping with humans and more humans. Saw a queue forming for the little nonya play so we queued for it. Went into the hall after queuing for maybe 10 minutes! It was a projection on the wall, and most of us were seated on the floor. The whole show was so boring so many people got up and left halfway. I was telling ty maybe both of us are not the arty type cause I can’t understand nothing from what was being played, lol

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Our bored faces from watching the animation hehe

We did however discover something quite interesting on the 2nd floor of the National Museum — 50 things that was invented in Singapore or something. Don’t think this exhibition is part of the Night Festival, but more of a SG50 kinda thing. Had a lot of fun going through the old exhibits.

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An old kerosene stove used for cooking
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A really vintage TV set


By the end of the day, my step counter registered 19,000+ steps, which basically means I was tired out like hell. We went off at 10-ish lamenting how old we have become. Very true cause less than a year ago, we were always heading out to the pub to hang out after 10 pm. Need to seriously get our energy levels to be higher.

The Night Festival continues next weekend, but I’d only recommend checking it out if you’re not one who complains of heat and crowded places and are into the arty-farty kinda stuffs. Festival guide here which is quite useful for navigating around. xoxo

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