Review: Honevo Red [Update 2]


Hello, back with another for Honevo Red.

I had pretty much okay skin before starting Honevo Red. I experience mostly redness, open pores but no obvious pimples or breakouts. By the end of Week 1, I had many itchy skin colored bumps on my skin from using the product twice a day.

Some of the itchy bumps have resolved themselves, but this week, part of my skin where it’s sebum rich (forehead, around the nose, chin) started to feel scaly and dry. My skin is rough to the touch. I also have active breakouts which I rarely have before starting on Honevo Rosacea.



First came the bumps, second came the scaly and dry skin. I’m not so sure if I should continue with the treatment at this point.

Feeling disappointed, I went to the forums to seek other people’s experiences and the consensus is that the first 4 weeks are the hardest. One may experience scaly skin or even breakouts before it gets better. There are always different schools of thoughts – one will be that if a product reacts with your skin, you should throw it out immediately. The other would be to always give it some time for a product to work it’s magic (such as purging, breakouts is normal).

I decided to stick it out, and continue with the treatment.

Routine: I still do the mask twice a day, 15-30 minutes in the mornings, and between 1-3 hours at night depending on what time I get home. It feels very calm with the mask on but it’s not making my skin softer or more hydrated as what some people claims honey does.

I seriously hope the breakouts will stop soon cause it’s embarrassing to head out in this face.

Catch me at the next update!

If you missed out my previous posts, here’s the link to my previous post:



  1. Actually from the photos your skin looks quite good! 😊 maybe I am too used to occasional outbreaks so I am not too bothered when I have one or two pops. Nonetheless hope this honey product meets your expectations!

    • I don’t usually get big red pimples so it kinda came as a shock to me. I hope this kanuka honey is working it’s magic. Will update in the following weeks!

    • Thank you! The mask looks interesting. I don’t have very good experience with mud masks as they always seem to dry my skin out terribly. I’ll keep updating!

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