Tips on Buying Beauty Products from Carousell


I was scrolling through Carousell earlier and have some compelling thoughts I absolutely needed to share. Carousell is an online marketplace which allows you to create your own ‘mini shop’ to sell your new or pre-loved items. The categories I usually browse is ‘For Her’ and ‘Beauty Products’, sometimes ‘Games & Toys’ too.

Under the Beauty Products category, many ladies are selling their skincare and makeup products – and I realised a huge chunk of them are selling used skincare and makeup products. And many people actually buy them!

Used make-up products

Will you share your toothbrush with a stranger? I wouldn’t. Because it’s gross and unhygienic. Make-up items, especially 2-way foundations, eye shadows, blushers, mascaras and lip glosses should never be sold once they have been used.


These products came into direct contact with someone else’s skin, along with sweat, sebum and what not. Bacteria gets transferred to the product with usage, and these tiny germ warriors multiply over time.

Many sellers also only state the manufacturing date (and that expiry is 3 years from the manufacturing date as a rule of thumb) but make-up effectively only has a 6 months to 1 year of shelf life once it’s opened.

Say, if someone bought a liquid foundation and the shade is not right after one use, what do they do? Leaving it there to rot is too wasteful. I’d say it’s okay to sell it if it’s in a pump design, as there is lesser chance of contamination.

I find it quite silly that someone would want to buy used make-up products, especially those mentioned above. Maybe they want to try better brands at discounted rates, but totally not worth it man. I rather not take the risk and just buy cheaper drugstore products.

Used Skincare Products

There are some sellers who are.. selling expired items! I’m not sure who will want to buy expired items to use… Even if it’s given to me for free, I am also not willing to accept. There’s a seller selling products that have expired for more than a year.. but at least she’s honest about it.

Carousell_Singapore_Printscreens were taken when I was writing this post

For skincare wise, same theory. If it comes in a pump design, it’s fine to sell it to someone who can find a better use for it.

But creams in jars really makes me feel quite disgusted. Someone else dug their fingers in the pot before you.. How do you even know that their fingers are bacteria-free when they dip it into the pot? Taking such a huge risk here. If you have sensitive skin, you may jolly well damage your skin if you use skincare that has been contaminated. Plus you don’t know what kind of environment they store the product in. It’s especially bad if stored in the bathroom cause the temperature differences (hot and cool) will spoil the product over time.

Buying_guide_carousell 2
There are also countless fake sellers on Carousell. I know for a fact there’re many fake benefit products on Carousell so please buy with caution. For skincare, a lot of fake SK-II and Laneige products too.

If it’s too cheap to be true, it’s probably not true. Have read countless people posting that the products they bought are fake as they have the real one to compare with. Some sellers are just so ruthless…


Please protect yourself by:

1) Asking for the manufacturing date and expiry date

2) Check when the product was opened. It is best if the person still has the receipt of purchase.

3) Only purchase products which comes in a pump design. Forgo the dry powders, blushers and especially lip products.


  1. You’re so right. I would never buy any use items unless it pump out container. It’s so disgusting.

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