Not sure if it’s due to an exceptionally stressful period in my life right now, but I’m dealing with one of my worst outbreaks ever. Like painful and itchy big red zits over my cheek area, which I don’t usually have. These scars are going to take forever to fade *depressed*

Aside, I’m very thankful to my very patient bf who always listens to my complaints and tells me I’m still beautiful in his eyes (thank you b if you’re reading this).

Looking forward to BBQ with the guys on Saturday (hello yumsies food!).

Also, I’ve passed my probation at my new workplace (yay!) To be honest, I’m glad I made my mind up to step into an industry I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve definitely learnt more stuff in these 3 months than I did for my last 3 years. Looking forward to more events and knowing more media contacts!

Yupp, that’s basically all that’s happening in ma life right now. Update again soon xoxo



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