SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: NOT for sensitive skin

Think it’s worthy to just mention that I’ve tried out SK-ll’s Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) lately.

For those with sensitive skin, my advice is to STAY AWAY. I have Rosacea and it’s one of the worst decisions I’ve made for my skin.

The scent is strong and a little putrid, with over 90% Pitera in the product. Very watery texture, and goes on just like a toner. I take a few drops in my palm and pat it all over, before applying my moisturiser one minute later.

I didn’t notice a significant difference upon putting it on, and thought to give it a few days to work it’s magic. And boy, I did see some significant changes to my complexion…. in terms of increasing redness, small bumps all over and the much dreaded whiteheads popping up in random places!

Horrified, I went to research on other people’s experience and many stated that they do experience some purging and the way is to persevere and trust it to do it’s magic. So I layed off the FTE till my skin got back to normal and started on it again. 5 days later, the exact same thing happened…. Meh.

My skin is itchy (where is the moisturising effect?!), red and broken out. This FTE was really a waste of my time and I’m quite disappointed to be honest. So sensitive skintypes, I’d recommend to give this a miss, or at least try the sample before committing to the whole bottle.



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