Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for Sensitive Skin


I guess the famous SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence needs no introduction. Despite hearing horror stories from people in real life, and also reading some terrible reviews online, I somehow convinced myself that I might just fall into the group which swears the product is the saviour to all their skin problems.

First Impressions

Product packaging is sanitary, and comes in a glass bottle. The scent is rather strong and smells like alcohol. The texture is very watery with hardly any viscosity.


After cleansing, I dripped a few drops onto my palm and pat it all over my face, before applying my moisturiser after. I didn’t notice a significant difference upon putting it on, and thought to give it a few days to work it’s magic. And boy, I did see some significant changes to my complexion.

My skin broke out in small bumps all over and the much dreaded whiteheads appeared in random places. Horrified, I went to research on other people’s experience and many stated that they do experience some purging and the way is to persevere and trust it to do it’s magic.

So I laid off the essence till my skin got back to normal and started on it again. 5 days later, the exact same thing happened…. Meh. My skin is itchy (where is the moisturising effect?!), red and broken out. I’ve gifted the product to a friend without sensitive skin, and she doesn’t have any issues with the product.

For those with sensitive skin, my advice is to stay far, far away.


  1. I got this as a sample. I have very sensitive akin, thanks for the warning! I’m sorry you had that reaction to it, it sounds horrible!

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