I’ve been breaking out lately. I attribute it to straying from my trusty Papulex in exchange for nice smelling korean products which worsened my skin with every use. Finally restocked on the cleanser and moisturiser which I was running out of. Hopefully it will clear my skin up soon ~


I bought a one litre jar of organic cold pressed coconut oil some time back for health purposes but I’ve recently used it for beauty purposes. It really is kinda amazing but not everyone will like it’s smell though. So far, I’ve used it as a hair treatment / mask, body treatment, lip scrub (with sugar bits) and am looking to find more uses for it…

One thing I have to share though… Many shared that it’s a wonderful makeup remover so I went ahead and tried it out. So I poured a handful of coconut oil, warmed it up on my palms and smeared it all over the face. The oil is very thick, and water doesn’t rinse it off. I splashed water like 100 times but the oil literally sticks on my skin. I had to use bioderma & maybe 5 cotton pads to wipe off the coconut oil. And my skin was so dry afterwards. Bad experience, will not attempt again.

I’m gonna be another year older in a month’s time. After washing my face the other day, I scrutinised it using a magnifying mirror and realised the signs of aging are already starting. I don’t wear very much eye makeup but there are already some fine lines under my eyes. I ought to be more gentle with my cleansing and start doing some anti aging skincare for preventive measures.. I wanna be young forever *cries*


Went prawning at HAI BIN @ Punggol for the very first time last Saturday.. and it was quite fun! Maybe cause I didn’t have to pay for it, lol. Think it will be quite sian if you pay so much but don’t catch much prawnies.

I was damn scared so my job is to wait for the prawn to bite onto the hook, and I’ll pull them up. I left the honorable job of baiting and unhooking of prawns to ty. He didn’t have much luck with catching the prawnies though, LOL

Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol (2)

Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol (3)

And ta-dah! Yummy prawns for snacks while playing poker. Yumsssss ~ Hai Bin Prawning_Punggol

This blog is pretty much dead. I ought to update more often. Till next time~


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