Hakka Yong Tau Foo_Upper Thomson

Been meaning to ask le bf to try the Hakka Yong Tau Foo at the Upper Thomson area but it’s always super crowded and very hard to find parking. We were in luck the other day… I liked it but the bf say it’s so-so only. Spent about $12 for 2, which is not expensive but not cheap also.

You can pick the ingredients you like, and they will fry it and pour this nice gravy all over. Not like the normal Yong Tau Foo which is cooked in soup or served dry with sauce. I like the veg! Very soft and goes well with the gravy.

There’s 2 Yong Tau Foo store side by side. Don’t go to the wrong one… The one with good reviews is the 928 Ngee Fou Ampang Yong Tau Foo (義和正宗安邦酿豆腐).

928 Ngee Fou Ampang Yong Tau Foo

928 Upper Thomson Road

Back to Sembawang Hills to chill after an exploding lunch…







Dinner at Ma Maison with the girls~ Haven’t seen them for so long!!






Spent most of Sunday waiting at home for le bf to end work. Did some spring cleaning in the meantime. I was craving mookata so back to our favorite Huay Kwang Thai! Side note, I was so so bloated at night I couldn’t sleep till 2am. Think my digestion problem might be acting up again.



&&&&&&& we finally booked our tickets to Perth after dinner! Yayyyy very excited cause I haven’t been to Aussie before. And it’s also our first trip together. I already know that it’s gonna be awesome.


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