Adventure Saturday – Bollywood Veggies & Neo Tiew Estate

Before adventure Saturday started, we headed to M1 to see if the phone I wanted was in stock… and yet again, the chio baby pink Samsung A5 is not here yet.


So after looking around, I decided to get the S5 instead cause the specs seem better… plus I cannot wait anymore.

The salesperson told me I had to exhaust the battery before charging it fully. So I decided to use it to take photos for later since the photo quality is not bad!

Bollywood Veggies

100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026 (Kranji)


Credits: Bollywood Veggies

We headed to Bollywood Veggies after lunch. It’s a farm in the Kranji area. First impressions… it was way bigger than we imagined!

I didn’t have a hat on or anything and thought that my rosacea skin could actually survive the scorching sun, what a joke..

5 mins later at the farm..

TY: “I go get the mosquito patch okay. Stupid mozzies killin’ usssss”

Me: “Okay b, can you bring the umbrella too?? So hot gonna die!”

TY: “Huh…. really ah. Where got people use umbrella at the farm one….. ok ok.”

Bollywood Veggies_singapore

Yeah, I was the only one with an umbrella at the farm. #creatingtrends

Ok lah, given that the entry fee was only $2 each, I’d say it’s pretty worth it to learn and see so many different types of trees and plants. We spent maybe 1-2 hours there exploring the farm. Notable attractions are the banana walk and the lotus root pond.



They also have a cafe called the Poison Ivy bistro which serves up a local fare. I wouldn’t mind trying if we weren’t already full. Menu here. We had red bean ice cream which was pretty nice.

I’ll recommend this place as family friendly but please bring mosquito spray!! Got so many bites it wasn’t even funny. Seems to be a popular place with angmohs too.

Neo Tiew Estate

After the farm visit, we were on the way back, talking bout visiting Neo Tiew Estate next time, and then we drove right past it! Made a u-turn and headed for the abandoned Neo Tiew Estate.

I first read about it on blogger Joy Loh’s page and been wanting to visit. Who knew it was so near Bollywood Veggies?!

Will you dare to go inside?



The gate was open so we drove in. An abandoned HDB estate out of nowhere, with just a few blocks of flats, a wet market and a playground. Spooky much?

Theories on the net said that residents moved out overnight because of some haunting, and the residents just grabbed their things and left, leaving behind all the furniture and things in the house intact. But, after researching, seems that this place was en-bloc and the residents relocated to Jurong side.

We explored a little… and suddenly this cold gust of wind started blowing there’s really nothing much lah.

It’s been refurbished and is currently used as a military exercise site. It’s still quite fascinating and I love how nostalgic everything looked… just like the olden days.

So of course I took many photos and am excited to blog bout this right.. now, let me tell you the story of the missing photos.

Samsung has this transfer app thingy where you can basically transfer everything on your old phone (S3) to your new one (S5) very conveniently. We got home and settled down to watch a movie. I just selected all the folders on my old phone and hit ‘transfer‘. It took less than half an hour. Fast right?

But, I realised I just transferred all 5000++ photos from my S3 to my S5. Walau, now I’ve to go delete them slowly.. (if not, I’ll run outta space)

So the smartie bf suggested to factory restore it. And I agreed! (How could I…?!)

Only after factory restoring did I realise… the photos from Bollywood Vegg and Neo Tiew were in the S5!!!! How terribly smart! :( 

I admit I was very upset and sulked about it for a long time. But I’m over it now. Afterall, the memories at the places we went to will always be kept in my heart. Would have liked the photos for remembrance though… girls will always be girls. 

Till the next adventure Saturday… I’ll be sure to bring my cam out so nothing gets deleted accidentally this time.

P.s.. random: if you’re bored, go download the game The Battle Cats.
It’s super fun and the cats are so cute heh. XOXO




  1. Oh nooo, I hate losing photos, what a bummer, but like you said, the memories are in your heart. I also love my S5!

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