Sunday Folks x Yahava


Haven’t been to cafes lately, maybe we’re having the cafe-hopping fatigue, but we got our asses down to Sunday Folks last weekend. Like finally. I’ve been whining about wanting to try since a long time ago. From what I read online, SF is well known for their famous waffles and soft-serve ice cream.

We headed to Holland V for lunch first. The weather was so so hot and all I wanted was aircon and ice cream…. just to find a snaking queue outside SF :'(

I know lah, we should have gotten a queue number first and then go for lunch.. Didn’t think the queue would be that long since it’s our first time there.

We saw Churrosity on the way and grabbed a Churro to-go!

Nobody says no to Churros. No-bardy. But it was so-so only, not very fantastic. Still prefer the one at Habitat Coffee.


After an hr + of aimless walking around, it’s finally our turn. FINALLY!


Other than choosing the flavour of ice cream, you can add some toppings like nama chocolate, almonds, oat crumbles etc at $1.90 each. I thought it was pretty gimmicky, so none for me.


We didn’t have to wait very long for our food to be served even though the entire cafe’s packed. Waffles were really crisp, chewy and taste good even on their own but it’s way nicer paired with the ice cream!

We had the Gula Melaka flavour, which was a hot favorite in reviews online. I liked the combination very much!

Sunday Folks_Holland Village_Blog_review_2015_ohhhoney_tagged_food_Singapore

I don’t mind coming back again, but that’s if I’m eating at HV and can get a queue number first lah. Want to try Creamier soooooon :)

// Sunday //

We went back to Sembawang Hills again. We’ve been here just 2-3 weeks ago.

Tried LeBan Cafe located nearby the last time we visited. Food was so-so only. Tried a chinese cze char place this time and the food was bad. No photos cause it didn’t look very nice. Perhaps Sembawang Hills is not really a good place for food?

Le Ban Cafe_Singapore_Sembawang Hills_blog_review_ohhhoney

Artsy bread shop near Yahava. We tried the cinnamon bun which was pretty yums in the tums.


Ty likes the coffee at Yahava. It’s a very quiet and quaint cafe which we recently came to like. Not too crowded and serves quality koffee. Hopefully not too much people find out about it (#selfish) so it can remain as our coffee haven for lazy Sunday afternoons :)


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