08.1.15, Thu

Craving for lava cake again. I think they might have secretly added some pot in that magical bowl of lava goodness that keeps us going back for more. This is and will always be our favourite (till something better comes along, ha).


Currently checking out air ticket promos for the March period.. Hoping to do some travelling with b :) Actually a little scared to fly with the recent airlines incidents but I think it’s generally still quite safe lah. Will love to visit somewhere new, maybe HK or Aussie which is not too far away. Hopefully he gets his leave soon then the actual planning can commence!

Nothing exciting happening lately, but we’ve a new found love and obsession with board games. So far, we’ve played Cards against humanityBang!, Bohnanza, Games of Thrones, Settlers of Catan, Resistance Avalon, DC Comics Deck Building game, Saboteur, Dixit and some others I can’t remember. It’s so addictive we cannot stop!!

Got some from Taobao and looking to buy more from Amazon hehe. I find boardgames are a good way to spend time with friends and it’s quite economical, as compared to hanging out in town and watching movies and all. Yay to new games!



  1. My greatest chocolate obsession! Love it!
    Also the boardgames! Once a week we gather with family and friend at someones place and we play boardgames all evening!

    Have a wonderful day!

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