Thoughts: The Big Gushcloud Exposé

I slept at 2am last night. Not cause I was out partying lah, but cause I stumbled on a post titled ‘The Big Gushcloud Exposé‘ written by our queen blogger Xiaxue. How to not read you tell me?!

I’ve been Xiaxue’s blog follower for a few years now. I like how she is so brutally honest, witty and funny. I’m so happy that there’s finally a long post from her cause I stopped checking her blog in the recent months due to inactivity.

Now, before this saga started, I’ve actually heard of Gushcloud. I was really impressed with how much they’ve grown in these 1-2 years. They have many ‘quite famous bloggers’ under their label like Naomi Neo, Yan Kay Kay, Eunice Annabel etc. Their bloggers actively promote the Gushcloud label in their postings.

On the outside, it really looks like a warm, big blogger family (that’s probably within reach if you’re good looking and popular).


You have to read Xiaxue’s post to get the whole story, but to summarise it… she basically collected evidence over a one-year period to prove that Gushcloud is dishonest by inflating their company earnings, asking their bloggers to do masking ads, inflate their blogger’s stats to look better to advertisers and more.

I find the inflated stats one really unbelievable!!! Used to own a blog shop, and I’ve checked around for blogger rates at that time. Some quoted me $200 for a short ad on their blog and luckily I didn’t pay for it cause it might have just been better off throwing money into the sea.

jackiecharthahageddit -

So, what does Gushcloud have to say?

Of course I had to be kaypoh and check out Gushcloud’s Facebook page and also the instagram accounts of some of the bloggers who were singled out to see what their response is.

Gushcloud’s Facebook


They posted the same post twice so I took the one with more comments to share.


Eric Lim’s Instagram


Ashiya Ams’s Instagram


Kay Kay’s Instagram

Why you so chio Kaykay?


I am really not feeling the #faithingushcloud hashtag. I mean, isn’t what XX presented cold hard facts? I’m very excited to see how this saga ends. How do you sue someone for libel if there’s evidence to back it up? Unless GC has evidence to prove otherwise..


Okay, after reading Gushcloud’s response, I feel like I can accept their explanation on the allegations… no one is perfect, and hopefully as a company, they continue to improve and better themselves in future. I don’t know if XX will continue to hit back at them but will update if there’s anything new.


23 Dec: Xiaxue blogs a post titled The Big Gushcloud Expose

23 Dec: Gushcloud exploring legal options against Xiaxue as per Channel News Asia (click here)

24 Dec: Gushcloud co-founder, Althea Lim, responded to Xiaxue here

24 Dec: One of the bloggers Xiaxue singled out (Kay Kay) responded here

24 Dec: Gushcloud gives an official response here

25 Dec: Ceasefire cause it’s Christmas

26 Dec: The Gushcloud Whatsapp groupchat gets leaked. Read here

31 Dec: Smrt (feedback) wrote an expose on xiaxue. Read here:


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