Project Get Fit: What the personal trainer said


While I was peddling on the bicycle in the gym a few weeks ago, my friendly gym trainer sat beside me and we chatted for a while. Let’s call him A.

A: “Why do I always see you doing only cardio every time you come to the gym?”

Me: “Cause I’m fat, and cardio like running and cycling is the only way to slim me down? I don’t want to lift weights and build bulky muscles!”

A: “That’s a misconception most newbies have…”

Me: “Why? How? Isn’t it true?”

A: Cardio is good, but to truly lose weight, you have to:

1) Do resistance training; like lifting weights, to build some muscles. With muscles, your metabolism increases, and you’ll burn more fat in turn. Usually those who do cardio only will lose the fat, but will gain it back sooner or later.

2) Control your diet
. A woman needs about 1500 calories a day. To effectively lose weight, eat a little less, about 1200-1300 calories. A combination of these two methods will work effectively.

Me: “OMG! I have been running so hard for nothing!” I also realise I get so hungry after doing intensive cardio that I eat a lot more than usual for dinner. Thus at the starting month, when I went for the scary weighing scale, I was horrified that I gained weight.

Luckily, I didn’t go the ‘FUCK THIS SHIT I QUIT’ route. I simply took his advice and used another approach.

My routine now starts with low intensity cardio, like brisk walking for about 35 mins on the treadmill, then some reps of squats with weights, push-ups every session.  Some days I do HIIT (high intensity interval workout), which is really good for fat burning.

I finish gym tired, but not overly exhausted. Good to see some results now.

Date Weight
1 Oct 2014 55.4 kg
24 Oct 2014 56.8 kg
21 Nov 2014 53.2 kg

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