Never-ending cycle

Dear Face,

Remember that agreement we had? The one where you remain calm and I’ll in turn be in a good mood everyday?

You know how I feel when I wake up and see new zits popping up like they are free? Upset. And angry.

I will just take it that you’re being moody and throwing a tantrum for now. I will shower you with love and care so please stop being moody soon.

Otherwise, I’m going in to the doctor’s office to remove you by force. And I promise you, it’ll hurt. So please, let’s not make things ugly.

Staying positive,



  1. Ah, I’m right there with you :( It really is discouraging and I feel like I’ve exhausted all methods. More than anything, I just want stable, beautiful skin.

    But try dabbing the zits with apple cider vinegar. I use it every evening on my angriest zits and they usually disappear for good within 2-3 days. It does have a drying effect though so don’t apply it all over your face. Apple cider vinegar is famous among skin enthusiasts as a natural acne cure!

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