Review: Papulex Skincare for Rosacea / Acne Prone Skin

Helloooo! Finally reviewing the Papulex range which I’ve been using for the past 2 – 3 months. This is not a sponsored post (I paid for these products) and I’m only sharing them cause these are great products which I feel you should know about!

Papulex was recommended to me by Dr Kan from Trinity Medical and I’m so glad she did!

If you’re not aware, I suffer from Rosacea (read here). It has gotten much better under the care of my doctors at Trinity Medical. When I got started on these products, I have sensitive, dehydrated skin with breakouts.

My cleanser for the past few years have been Bioderma (a wipe off, non-rinse cleanser) because it’s the only thing that does not irritate or dehydrate my skin. But was wiping with micellar water really clean enough? It wasn’t. My breakouts kept recurring, and I noticed especially so after wearing bb cream/foundation.


Dr Kan put me on two papulex products:

1) Papulex Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel 150ml
2) Papulex Oil-Free cream 40ml

Papulex Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel 150ml


  • Helps reduce imperfections while cleansing the skin gently with its soap-free formula
  • Helps reduce the appearance of blemishes while keeping skin feeling smooth and fresh
  • Gentle and ideal for daily acne care for sensitive skin

This cleanser comes in a light green colour, and it’s texture is rich and thick. Not sure why it’s a soap free cleanser when it still foams up though. I squeeze a little from the packaging and lather it up in my palms before massaging it onto my skin for a good 1-2 minutes.

I was really apprehensive about using a facial foam for the first time in like years, all cause previous experiences with facial foams leave my skin feeling dry, taut and peeling. BUT, this cleanser does not!

And that’s something worth mentioning coming from someone who has really sensitive and dehydrated skin. My skin feels more supple after cleansing and it’s not so red after cleansing anymore.

Papulex Oil-Free cream 40ml

I have never loved moisturisers. In fact, I only used to put moisturiser on when my skin is peeling cause…. any time I put it on, they break me out!

When I squeezed some moisturiser out of the tub, I was shocked to see that it’s a thick white cream. I thought “Die already lah, confirm breakout after using one” but was suprised yet again when applying that it has a really light consistency. It does not feel oily AT ALL despite looking thick and oily. It’s really an oil-free cream that suits my dehydrated skin, by adding moisture and not oil.

A little goes a long way and a tube will last me about two months with everyday use.

The combination of these two products works awesomely together, with the cleanser moisturising and deep-cleansing my skin, while the oil-free cream delivers moisture without the oiliness that may cause breakouts.

My skin has never looked better in years and as their tagline says “Love your skin again”, I’m happy to see my skin improving.

I believe in having a good routine at home. It’s much more effective than using the wrong products everyday and going for treatment (like facials / lasers) every month. Will keep on using these and hopefully, see a difference in a few more months :)

If you’re keen, I got my Papulex products at Trinity Medical.

87 Marine Parade Central
Level 2 #02-500A
Singapore 440087
Tel: 6344 0027



  1. May i know is that have any brokeout or peeling after you start with this papulex product? I am suffering with acne rosacea for 2 years. On and off with antibiotic, still not ok. Did you been on antibiotic course before?

    • Hi dear, I took antibiotics for 2 whole years. It doesn’t work in the long term as our body gets used to it. By the way, who wants to be taking antibiotics for their whole life right?

      Yes, when I started on papulex i experienced minor breakouts but it got a lot better from then on. Highly recommend the cleanser as it’s not drying, and the oil free cream helps keep my skin matte and breakouts at bay.

      Recommend you to give it a try rather than just taking medicine. But speak to a doctor first to determine if you’re suitable :)

  2. Thank you dear for the perfect review and you are so gorgeous 💜🌼 i really want to try them i used bioderma avene laroch posay thay were good but by the time they became not as effective now i have soo many scars and painful acne like one or two on my face but they always leaves scars so what do you recommend me to use, by the way my doctor told me to try this cleanser or anthor one from clearogen brand but i don’t know which one is better

    • hi! i have never tried clearogen so I can’t compare between papulex and clearogen, but highly recommend papulex if you have problematic skin, along with their moisturiser – the oil free cream. it works great for me. Maybe try getting a sample from your doctor to see if your skin likes it?

  3. Hi Ohhhoney,
    Thanks for your great review about papulex.
    I am Indonesian with fair skin and less problem, but since I moved to Oz and couldn’t deal with the wearher especially on winter, my face problem become disaster. My check was red, acne prone and very dry. I’ve tried many treatments and medication, 2 months antibiotics, Qv lotion, bioderma, etc. I never go to dermatologist here because I can’t afford it. Suddenly, I found a review about papulex which is stated that it can hydrate dry skin. Today is my second week using papulex isocorrexion and so far it works on me (although its very pricey :( ). My cheek is still a bit red but my acnes are shrinked. I use it only at night because in the morning I still use qv moisturizer which contain spf 30. When I read your review, you used oil free cream instead of isocorrexion cream. What is the difference between those cream? Last time I chosed isocorrexion because my skin face is very dry.
    I haven’t try moussant soap, does it help much?
    Thank you

    • Hey dear, I used the Papulex Soap Free Cleanser to wash my face, and oil-free cream as a moisturiser. The oil free cream is suited to those with oily or combination skin. I fall into that category and I live in hot, humid Singapore.

      The isocorrexion cream is more for dry skin types.

      The moussant soap helped me cleanse my skin without it becoming too dry. You could give it a try. If your skin is very dry, try cleansing milks or cleansing creams which are even more gentle.

  4. Hi dear, im diagnosed with rosacea as well and struggling for years. Last week i try starting back my facial and my skin start to flare n peel off badly. May i ask if you ever go facial? Which facial salon u go whose know well about rosacea? I have paid for quite some money for the facial package, they are using skin origin on you n claim this products 100% wont cause sensitivity. But my skin peel off very badly. For ur experinced sharing pls

    • Hi babe, for people with rosacea, it’s not recommended to do facials as steaming will cause skin to become red, and extractions can cause a lot of trauma to the skin! If you want to chat more on rosacea, email me at!

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