Date at the ACM & Concetto

???????????????????????????????Took some time off work on a Friday noon to spend some time with love. Decided to explore the Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) and their China Mania exhibition!

There are quite a lot of things to see in the ACM. I have always been fascinated with objects from the past… the workmanship, the details. How do they do it with such limited tools at that point in time?







Always enjoy spending time with my happy pill.

After about 2 hours of exploring every nook and cranny, we are finally done with our museum date :) The best part is that…. it’s free for Singaporeans. What are you waiting for? I wish there were more upcoming exhibitions for us to check out cause it’s definitely something different from the usual lunch-movie-cafe dates.

We were getting really hungry so we headed towards The Cathay to try out Concetto for dinner! I didn’t know Concetto is under the Saveur Group till i googled for reviews on what’s good there.

Saveur serves affordable French food, while Concetto serves affordable Italian food. It’s design has a very whimsical industrial feel to it, which I thought was pretty cool.


Concetto Pasta $6.90
Chilled Capellini tossed in lobster oil & seaweed; served with crab and shrimp tartare, finished with lobster foam & ikura

The plating was beautiful, with a nice blend of colors. However, it tasted quite bad… way too fishy for our liking. The ingredients didn’t gel and the flavors are overwhelming.


Crab Risotto ($13.90)
Arborio rice cooked in shellfish broth & crab meat; served with crab meat tartare, brussel sprouts & crispy rice cracker

There was hardly any crab and it had a pretty fishy taste to it too. The risotto was too overcooked as well.


Funghi Risotto ($10.90)
Arborio rice cooked in mushroom broth and mixed mushrooms; served with enoki tempura, thinly sliced king oyster mushroom & red wine pickled shallots

The only redeeming dish of the night. Flavors were good and the mushroom smells really fragrant. One thing though – I’m not a big eater, but felt that the portion was too small even for a girl.

The service staffs were polite and generally helpful. Concetto did not impress me as much as Saveur did on my first visit. I don’t think I will go back to visit again after the disappointing experience.

Concetto by Saveur
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, 01-11/12 Tel: +65 67351141
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 9.15pm (Sun-Mon), 12:00 – 9.30pm (Tues-Sat)

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