[Sponsored] Catch The Walking Dead on Singtel Mio TV

So the last season of The Walking Dead ended with the group arriving at Terminus… but little did they expect themselves to be captured. Can they escape?


I was so excited that Season 5 is coming back… and you cannot believe how even more excited I got when I got an invite to take part in THE WALKING DEAD TERMINUS ESCAPE organised by Team Fox and Singtel Mio TV.

LET’S GO KILL SOME ZOMBIES! I’m so ready for the zombie apocalypse guys.

Walau, it looks damn deserted and scary already :O



The brief

  • Each team has 6 players
  • 2 players to be taken hostage in different locations
  • To rescue your team mates by solving puzzles and codes and escape as a team
  • Items give us extra points, so grab drink bottles, panadol and peanut butter, coal when you find them
  • Avoid the zombies, once they touch you, you are dead and cannot continue with the game
  • Team with highest point wins

We’re all gathered at the gates before the game starts!


Just like in the series…

The Walking Dead Terminus Escape (credit to FOX) (1)And here we go! I was darn scared that zombies are gonna pop up from the barrels!



The Walking Dead Terminus Escape (credit to FOX) (31)We got to our treasure chest and are supposed to find a key to unlock it. While on the way to look for clues… wild zombies appeared! I was screaming, running and snapping photos at the same time okay! #toughlife #damnthesezombiesmovefast


And then I spent most of the time running around and screaming. So no more photos till I got into the safe house. Zombies can’t open doors so yeah, we hung around here for a bit while working out the puzzles.



Our stash at the end of the game!

Guess what? We emerged champions! The 98.7FM guys were there too and they came in 2nd place! Well done to all the teams!


The zombies and us at the end of the game!

So guys… remember to catch the walking dead on FOX alright?

The Walking Dead
FOX – SingTel mio TV CH. 330

Season 1 – 4 marathon : Saturday, 11 October, 11pm
Season 5 Premiere : Monday, 13 October, 9pm




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