12 beauty products for the office


I’m not an early riser and barely have enough time to wash up before I have to rush to work on some days. Some things, like moisturiser and sunblock (for face) have to be applied before leaving your home. But for others, there’s always a way to catch up on the beauty regime at the office. Over time, my desk has filled up with many beauty products that I can’t live without.

Wet Wipes

Rushing or walking to work in the mornings may leave you a little sweaty. Plus, squeezing with other sweaty people on the trains… I like to freshen up by using wet wipes when I get to my desk in the morning.


Air-conditioned offices only mean one thing…. dehydrated skin! I slap moisturiser over my hands and legs whenever I’m feeling a little dry.

I keep a thermal spray to spritz when my face gets too dry. Some brands I have tried (that I like) are Avene & La Roche Posay. The trick is to spray and gently pat them in. Allowing them to evaporate will only make your skin drier.

We use our hands more than any other parts of our body and trust me, it ages faster than you can imagine. A hand cream is thicker and more moisturising than a regular moisturiser so invest in a good one and apply diligently.


Always have your trusty lip balm on to protect your lips from chapping. You can get one with SPF protection too.


UV damage is very very serious. Even when you’re indoors. Watch this video. Do you know our lights and computer screens emit UV rays too? I slap some on my hands and neck every few hours.


It’s almost time for lunch and it’s also time to blot!


Good for rinsing after lunch to get rid of any strong odors. Easier than brushing too.

Comb / Brush

It’s good to comb your hair once in a while to help stimulate various oil and hormone producing glands and also eliminates waste materials from your hair including uric acid crystal deposits, catarrh and other acids and other impurities that gather and stick to the scalp.

Hair serum / oil

My hair frizzes up in the cold, so I apply a little bit of argan oil whenever it feels too dry.

Clothing spray

To remove any weird scents from lunching at smelly food courts.


For freshening up before leaving the office for a date!


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