Forfleasake’s FLEA PARTY (Lucky Plaza)

Been busy with work lately. On the bright side, a long-awaited getaway starts this very weekend! Quite apprehensive ’bout taking flights with all the focus on flights issues recently but okay, must have confidence in our aviation systems.

C got married to J last week and it’s such a pity I couldn’t make it for the dinner. Really very happy for her and to see a happy ending for their love story.

Went to a flea on Saturday. Booked the immensely popular flea by forfleasakeFlea Party” at Lucky Plaza which has a record high rent at $100/day (2 days @ $160).

The rental is a lot higher than other fleas I have been to. The usual rates are like $55 – $65. Read some reviews online and they promised good crowds, which was why I booked it despite the higher price tag.

But my experience was not so good. Here’s why:

(Photo credits to

1. The crowd was good BUT 95% are not locals

Don’t expect well-dressed hipsters and the hottest pop songs at this flea. People who frequent this flea are mostly migrant workers (both males and females) with Singaporeans occasionally popping out. Every dollar counts for them and they are certainly not looking for expensive, unique stuffs that will set them apart from their peers.

DO: Bring wearable / durable clothing, bags you wanna clear at really cheap prices
(out of fashion also nevermind)
DON’T: Fashionable clothes / branded labels which you bought at full price and want to sell at a slight discount

2. They feast like piranhas

We got there a little later, and once we got to our table, people started swarming over, flipping stuffs we barely put on the table and asking whether we have bags etc for sale.

DO: Open up your luggage on the table and just let them do their thing. Sit back and have a beer even, no need for customer service
DON’T: Your folding will not be fast enough for their rummaging so don’t think about folding your clothes or hanging them on a clothes rack, not worth the effort

3. Think crazy low prices

To make it easy, we priced all accessories at $1 and clothes at $2 (cept for some dresses which are more expensive) and bags at $5 and they still bargained for ridiculous prices! (Goes to show that no prices are too low and people will always bargain no matter what la huh) Start with slightly higher prices and let them bargain their way down.

4. The Price goes down

They will wait for the day to go by where the stores will lower their prices, either to cover their rental costs or to clear out the clothes they brought along cause they are lazy to bring it back. Prices were so crazy that some stores sold clothes at 3 for $1!

When one seller cuts prices, other sellers will usually follow suit, to be equally competitive but hell no, I would never do that. I didn’t lug my clothes out all the way just to sell them at 33.3 cents each. I just sold them at whatever price I wanted till the end cause I wasn’t willing to let them go at such low prices.

I didn’t share the rental with anyone else, so can you imagine how many things I had to sell to cover my cost of rental? I was feeling damn sian and regretted it almost immediately after an hour or so.

Another point – the place was so badly ventilated and we kept sneezing the entire time. The air-con was working though (thank god!) If you have a sensitive nose, please bring along a facial mask!

Okay lar, despite all the bad things, we still had fun haggling with the ladies and it’s quite an experience, esp when you have nice food to munch on (thanks to ty who bought us food from Taka). Time passed pretty fast to be honest and the flea was over before we knew it.


Caught in the act while stuffing food down their faces. LOL! He’s gonna kill me but oh well


I would definitely continue flea-ing, but perhaps elsewhere next time cause I felt what we earned back wasn’t worth the effort put in this time round. Ok that’s all.

Update again soon xoxo


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