Rejection drama

I was reading STOMP this morning and the story below caught my eye.


“A guy approached me and when I ignored him, he poured alcohol in my face and smashed a glass on my face.” … Click here for the full story.

WTF right? That freaking scar looks like a centipede on her cheek. Scared the hell outta me. She’s gonna have to go through some extensive surgery to recover from that.

ASSUMING whatever the victim said was real, that guy must be a nutcase.

Or freaking drunk.

Or just a hissy-douchebag-bastard-who-couldn’t-take-rejection-too-well.

But my guess is that it may not be so simple. There might just be a backstory somewhere. That aside, no matter what backstory he might have, it still doesn’t give him the right to attack someone.

So normally, you read this kinda news, normal human beings like us will feel sorry for the victim right? Poor lady was just enjoying her night out, ignored a stranger, got glassed in the face and probably have to go through a long and tortuous route to recovery…

BUT some people are actually really NICE and came up with the intelligent comments below:


These people are those who employ the ‘blame the victim’ mentality.

This kaypoh123 person is super annoying. You need to take English classes. What does your sentence even mean?

“This woman deserves it. Men go such places for a 3 letters word action (I assume this means sex?) where women are there for them.”

Shanghai Dolly is a club/bar. You mean ALL MEN go to clubs with the intention of sex in mind? You mean women are there for sex too, or are there for the men to hit on?

So I have to respond to all men who talk to me if I’m in a bar/club, otherwise I deserve it if they hit/attack me? It’s people like that who gets my blood boiling.

I just hope the attacker gets what he deserves for doing whatever he did.

Sometimes I feel like I’m quite extreme when hearing bout such stuffs…. If I were given the power to set laws… Rapists will get their sexual organs surgically removed and then forced to watch porn.. Acid throwers should get bathed in acid periodically while serving their life sentence etc. I know it sounds sadistic but…. How is it that they get to hurt their victims in a way that’s so inhumane, and then only get jail time?! Going to jail will not make up for the pain the victim has went through and will go through for the rest of their lives.

Think I’ll start bringing a pepper spray when I go pubbing from now on.



  1. This stuff infuriates me to no end. I think mostly because some men feel that violent outburst are justified because “she shouldn’t be there in the first place” and other social restrictions to women. Some men act like they can’t take rejection. Regardless if she rejected this person either subtly or extremely cruel, no one should be the victim of such a violent reaction. There’s no justification to it. How would they like it if the roles were reverse? Would they blame the guy for being out late in a pub? If not, then it really highlights the lack of gender equality. Not only are women targets but they are also objects that men think that they lack logic and free will.

    I’ve posted about this before on my blog.

    1. Totally agree with you that some comments made really highlights the lack of gender equality! Hopefully this mindset will change with time.

  2. I feel what u think girl! What you think is perfectly normally FYI. When my colleague & I read such stories in the office we will think of ways to torture these men who rape/murder/whatever unjustifiable thing they do to their victims, They deserve worst than jail time. Jail time to me is just free time where they get free food free lodging etc,

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