Brunch (Forty Hands)

So the group decided to take a break from our usual beer drinking nights and do something hipster, like brunch, at Tiong Bahru.
(Good to see them in daylight for a change!)


Cause the rest were late, TY, Skye and I headed to Poteato first to grab something light to munch on while waiting for the rest to turn up.

Their brunch menu starts from $14 – $17, but is quite limited as the quiches were not available.
Poteato_cafe_singapore_tiong_bahru_cafes_review_truffle_fries (3)


Decided to try out their truffle fries…. which was pretty disappointing. Didn’t taste much truffle taste at all. Which was also the reason why we decided not to brunch there.

Poteato_cafe_singapore_tiong_bahru_cafes_review_truffle_fries (2)

We headed to Forty Hands Cafe which was just a few steps away!

The Big Bang – pretty tasty but the price tag of 15 bucks didn’t really cut it
Forty_Hands_Cafe_singapore_tiong_bahru_cafes_review_brunch_breakfast_coffee_mocha_tiongbahru_fortyhands (2)

The rest enjoyed their orders though :) I guess I’ll stick to their brunch food next time.


And we ended brunch with awesome home-made crepe cakes from Kris! :)

Forty Hands
Blk 78 Yong Siak St,
Singapore 163078
6225 8545


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