Awfully Chocolate // Yahava KoffeeWorks

Warning: This post is highly meaningless with random photo spams.

Vesak Day’s lazy afternoon XX

Headed to Awfully Choc cause I was missing the hei ice cream. It’s really thick and creamy with no icy thingy *yums*

But I kinda feel that they’re a lil on the pricey side? Can you please like have a member’s card for regulars? #awfullybrokefromawfullychoc

Awfully Chocolate Cafe_Singapore_blog_review_chocolate_tart

Awfully Chocolate Cafe_Singapore_blog_review_chocolate_tart (2)

IMG_9631_mr1399981174840 (1)

They have a hipster swing behind the cafe though. Good for taking photos LOL
Awfully Chocolate Cafe_Singapore_blog_review_chocolate_tart (3)

Awfully Chocolate Cafe
4 Jalan Kuras
Sembawang Hills Estate
Tel: +65 64517104

And then we hopped on over to Yahava KoffeeWorks. Heard they’re from Aussie.
Yahava_koffee_works_coffee_cafe_Singapore_review_blog_ohhhoney_sg cafe_new (4)

They sell coffee beans in the cafe!
Yahava_koffee_works_coffee_cafe_Singapore_review_blog_ohhhoney_sg cafe_new

Yahava_koffee_works_coffee_cafe_Singapore_review_blog_ohhhoney_sg cafe_new (2)

Really happy to be out and about with just sunscreen, brow pencil and eyeliner. The IPL for face I’m doing at Trinity Aesthetics is really improving my skin. Will share more in a separate post soon :)
IMG_9647_mr1399982844828 (1)



Latte for him and Iced Tea for me. The Iced Tea is quite refreshing but not very worth it for the price ($5-$6). The latte didn’t taste good to me either.

Yahava_koffee_works_coffee_cafe_Singapore_review_blog_ohhhoney_sg cafe_new (3)

But overall, the atmosphere is quite nice so I might chill here again on a lazy weekend afternoon. They are open till 6pm daily so don’t come & chill at night cause all you’re gonna get is nothing!

Yahava KoffeeWorks
4 Jalan Gelenggang

Singapore 578188
Ph 6554 7080

There’s a nice park just outside Yahava Koffee. Credits to B for the outfit shots :)




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