Don Dae Bak (Korean BBQ)

Are you a fan of Korean BBq? I am! Ever since I tried this fantastic Korean BBq in Korea (had it 3 times in a week), I have been craving for it back in Singapore. And I was so happy to have found Don Dae Bak, an authentic Korean restaurant in Singapore that’s really cheap and good!

Say hello to Don Dae Bak (돈대박)!


Located in Kreta Ayer Road, it’s a mid sized cozy kinda eating place run by real Koreans. Buffet is available during lunch and dinner with the difference being lunch using gas stove while dinner uses charcoal stove. I’ve tried both lunch and dinner, and didn’t really find a great difference cooking using either.


NOTE: The price has been updated to
Lunch buffet – $19.90, Dinner buffet – $21.90+.


They have a good variety of side dishes and we kept refilling them! My favorite is the chap chae (stir fried vermicilli) and beancurd skin. My friends like the kimchi and taugay too.

Meat wise, items were fresh, well marinated and they were really generous with the portion size. Personal favorites are the marinated short rib, pork belly, and spicy marinated chicken. DAEBAK!

Don Dae Bak Singapore_food_2review_korean_bbq_buffet
Don Dae Bak Singapore_food_review_korean_bbq_buffet


The BEST PART of the BBq is the rim of yummy egg! Exactly the same as the one in Korea! You can mix in kimchi or taugay into the egg curd when it’s cooking for different flavors. The egg is so popular that sometimes it’ll run out during dinner time, which is disappointing.


What I also like about Don Dae Bak is that there is a chimney thing which sucks the smoke right out of the stove, so you don’t feel too oily. You will still smell like BBq though, so do bring along a body mist or febreeze if you’re going elsewhere afters.



This is definitely the place I will revisit when having a Korean BBq craving cause it’s really value for money, authentic and the food is plain ol’ good.

Don Dae Bak
35 Kreta Ayer
Singapore 089000
Tel: 62261727



  1. With regards to customers being able to leave scribbles and good reviews on the walls of don dae buk, my kids and I did just that and were ”told not to do so and stop immediately” as the management has recently decided not to allow it anymore – that jarred my senses and spoilt my experience with eating there tonight for the first time with my family as there were no signs saying that scribbling on the walls were not allowed – so if management thought it was becoming too messy, why make it a customer problem and embarrass the customer telling us in front of the entire restaurant that we had to stop drawing on the walls and that we could not do that anymore, especially if there no signs indicating this at all? It was poorly handled and spoilt the dining experience for me – just a quick warning to those thinking of drawing on the walls now – the management has decided it is not allowed anymore (really upsetting especially when I saw a scribble on the wall dated just recently in Oct 2014 and their ill timing of ”telling me off” in front of everybody else in the place tonight) … :-(

  2. I’m intending on bringing a group of friends for lunch there, is there is a need to call to book a table?

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