Hello xoxo! Short rant ahead.

I blogged about my double eyelid surgery here and I thought it was pretty comprehensivegiven that I explained the major types of methods available, shared my research, the surgery day itself, and my recovery with photos – all for the benefit of readers looking up info on this.

I am in no way sponsored by the clinic or paid in any sort of way to blog for them.

I get quite a bit of emails from girls with questions about the surgery.


Most of them are nice and polite, with legitimate questions / asking for advice.

Then we have the jokers who pisses me off real bad.

You think I’m so free is it?

One more time.


You think I have nothing better to do but sit around and wait for your email asking me things I already explained in my post? Yours truly here have a day job okay.

Some of the questions really roll eyes one.

“Hi, whr did u do your eyelid surg ? pls share. tks”
Sure… I definitely blogged bout my surgery without sharing who my doctor is. You don’t need eyelid surgery, you need eye surgery.

“Hi Jen, I read from your blog regarding your surgery but your photo is not sharp. Can send me a photo of you now without makeup, in hi-res? Thanks”
I definitely love sending hi-res selfies to people I don’t know, without make-up on :)

I’m not gonna be replying to any more weird emails so please read the post properly before emailing me okay?

End of rant. I feel better already.

Okay, something happy! I miss all the Korean food so I did some research… and found all of the below! Am going to try out them out really soon :)

Don Dae Bakhttps://www.facebook.com/dondaebak.SG
Looks so much like the one we had in korea, love the egg!

Yoogane Singaporehttps://www.facebook.com/yoogane.singapore
Had this in Korea!

BBQ Chickenhttps://www.facebook.com/BBQChickenSingapore
Olive oil fried chicken! Had this in korea too. Can’t wait to try again!


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