Lady M at One Fullerton


Finally got the chance to try out Lady M – who are best known for their Mille Crêpe cake. Mille Crepes are probably ranked my 2nd favorite dessert (after molten lava cake!) Definitely something I looked forward to trying!

Lady M® Mille Crêpes & Lady M® Citron Mille Crêpes // $8.00
Featuring no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream.

Okay, I really like the taste of the Lady M Original Mille Crepe. So very light and fluffy, you won’t tire of the cream even if you were to eat the entire piece on your own. This is coming from someone who hates cream.

The crepe layers and cream are done very evenly and it definitely shows the skill of the pastry chef.

The Citron Mille Crepe Cake though, was a tad too sour for my taste. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer my mille crepe to be sweet.

Strawberry Shortcake // $8.50
Superfine flour imported from Japan, which produces a vanilla sponge cake unlike any other.

The strawberry shortcake was too sweet for my liking… but I do have to admit that the sponge cake was very soft and fluffy. Good enough to buy again? No.

Other than food, decor matters to me as well. I love the clean, chic concept they were trying to bring across with their simple furnishings. The atmosphere of the One Fullerton area is also great so this would make a great location for an after dinner date.

I wouldn’t mind coming back when I have a Mille Crepe cake craving but I will probably stick with the original flavour the next time. Enjoy :)

Lady M
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049213
PHONE – +65 6820 0830
HOURS – 10am to 10pm



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