Skye’s 24th in the wild wild west

Happy Birthday Skye partnie! One year older and definitely a lot wiser than the year before :) Yet another memorable party by the creative party planner!

Some photos from that day grabbed from FB. Creds to Leroy!

Got there way too early with ty but doesn’t matter, we’ll just get the ball rollin’ earlier! By the way, he self-proclaimed no one looks as good as him in shades. Girls.. you all decide for yourself okay. LOL!

Punggol ranch_skye tan_birthday_party (6)

So some of us hid in the room to play charades while the rest slogged in the sun to get our food bbq-ed #sorrynotsorry
Punggol ranch_skye tan_birthday_party_r

Punggol ranch_skye tan_birthday_party (5)_r

We did however step out for a short while to see Kris blow-torch the meringues! Super yummy and talented Krissy
punggol ranch_singapore_chalet_review (2)

And of course, the skyetanzk parties are never complete without games. I super love this crazy horse (played by Gary)! It was so darn funny. We had to do ‘what does the fox say’ song. Really awkward when others crowded around our cabin…


The birthday boy looking suave in his costume. Only he took the effort to dress up hahaha

The rest of the night // cheers
Punggol ranch_skye tan_birthday_party (2)

Punggol ranch_skye tan_birthday_party (4)

Great great night, xoxo



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