Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie: SPRING 2014


???????????????????????????????A couple of weeks back, I attended yet another Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie product launch! Thank you for the invite, Wendy!

For Majolica Majorca, there are 5 new products launched in CH40 : Eye Hunter. 

Majolica Majorca_eyeliner_review_new_product_Singapore_blog_review (4)Line Hunter Eyeliner
A double faced liner that allows you to draw lines easily. What’s special is it’s flat brush which you can use at different angles to create thin/thick lines, depending on your mood/the occasion. Result? Smudge free defined lines that last hours.

Majolica Majorca_eyeliner_review_new_product_Singapore_blog_review (3)Automatic Liner ($22.90)
Two new liners that are in limited edition colors (red/purple).
Ditch that boring black/brown and try out colored eyeliners for a change! That extra pop of color gives you a funky edge.

Majolica Majorca_lipgloss_review_new_product_Singapore_blog_reviewHoney Plump Gloss Neo ($12.90)
In 2 new shades — OR202 (orange base) and PK101 (pink base).
Contains moisturising royal honey jelly extract for that pouty moisturised lip Japanese ladies are famous for!



For Ma Cherie, they are launching new refill packs for their Air Feel and Moisture range’s shampoo and conditioners!

So girls using their products currently – it only means more savings and you get to do your part for the environment too :)


All these new items are available 6 Mar onwards in selected Watson’s stores, do check them out :)

Do like their FB pages for promotions and updates:
Majolica Majorca
Ma Cherie


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