The missing plane

I’m sure you guys have been hearing fervent discussions about the missing MH370 flight lately. I read the papers daily, and am honestly quite intrigued by this missing plane saga.

So many theories – mid-air explosion / disintegration/ hijacking/ terrorism/ crashed and sunk to the bottom of the sea/ travelling into another dimension etc. But we don’t know which theory is even remotely close to the truth.

Hopefully a miracle will happen and bring these passengers back safely to their loved ones. If anyone I love was on that plane, I could never live with not knowing what happened to them. If it’d crashed, I’d rather know so there’ll be some closure in my heart.

A message that made me tear… from an air traffic controller in Guangzhou, China reaching out to the passengers of the missing MH370 flight.

“Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the air traffic control radar hopes to see you.

“If you can hear this, please maintain your current altitude, and proceed directly to your destination.

Know that we have applied for a direct route for you, and other kind-hearted flights will accommodate you by giving way to you. Everyone is willing to let you be the first to land. The weather for your route is currently sunny and cloudless, with the air temperature at your destination Beijing being 5 degrees, a little cold, so dress warmly when disembarking.

Remember to hug the friends and family who have come to pick you up, because they love you very much. Good day.”

I guess the take-home message is that life is unpredictable; anyone you love can be gone the very next moment.. so please treasure them while you can.



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