From Single to Double (Eyelid Surgery)

My uneven eyelids have been bothering me since I was a teenager, and I’ve finally plucked up enough courage to do surgery to correct them. Today is DAY 11 post-surgery and I’m so glad that most of the swelling have went down.

Why the surgery?

I contemplated over doing the surgery for a pretty long time already. Reason being that my eyes were not really just single to begin with… I had uneven eyelids (one side being double and the other, single).

I often feel that…

1) I look weird without make-up on as the difference is obvious.
2) Make-up takes up a lot of my time as I have to literally colour eye-liner over half my eyelids to mask the difference.

… and I finally decided. That I only have one life to live and I’m going to fix the thing that’s been bothering me.

Which method?

For those of you who didn’t know, there are two major types of technique for double eyelid surgery, the non-incision & incision method.

Non-incision (Suture/sewing method)

– Effects are temporary (lasts years depending on individual but not permanent)
– Not suitable for people with a lot of eye fat/bulge and sagging
– Faster recovery time

Incision (Cutting method)

– Effects are permanent
– Suitable for people with excess fat/eyelid skin as they can be removed
– Longer recovery time

I did the double eyelid non-incision surgery (suture method) as I have thin eyelids and I don’t have a lot of leave to take.

For those who want big dolly eyes, you have to do a lateral canthoplasty / epicanthoplasty (they basically open up the corners of your eyes so you’ll have wider, bigger eyes).

Xiaxue blogged about her experience here

Which surgeon?

First, I did a lot of research by reading forums like Flowerpod / Cozycot, emailing forumers who have done theirs, read many blogs (Jolene Zhou’s, Jeannie Phang’s and pdxkitty’s) before deciding on a surgeon.

There are basically a few popular ones on the forum but most of them have mixed reviews which made me really unsure. What if I’m the unlucky one?!

Decided to go to Dr Andrew Tay at Novena Medical Centre (same as pdxkitty and Jeannie Phang) as his reviews are generally good. And the two bloggers look so pretty after surgery with Dr Tay!

The Plastic Surgery Practice

I didn’t regret my choice. Dr Tay wasn’t pushy and he was very knowledgeable when he explained about the various types of folds that could work for my eye shape. I guess that’s why I booked the surgery immediately after the consultation cause I trusted that he would do a good job. He’s pretty packed so my surgery date was fixed for Feb when my consult was in late Dec.

Day of the Surgery

I was quite nervous the night before and my stomach kept churning. Didn’t have to do anything special, except to fast in the morning before my surgery at 2.30pm.

Went in to the clinic, and the doctor spent most of the time showing me using a tool the different heights that I could go for. I asked for a natural look, one where I wouldn’t look weird without make-up on.

Decided on 7mm, tapered in the end. This is quite a low height compared to what I read on forums.

I laid down on the operating chair and he started drawing dots on where the suture points will be and did a final measure. This also took quite a bit of time.

And finally the op started. I was sedated quite quickly so I kinda drifted in and out during the op. I didn’t feel any pain during the op AT ALL. The op ended quite fast and before I knew it, I was up in a chair with an ice pack on my eyes. I just felt that my eyes were very heavy and I had to use more force than usual to keep them open.

One last look at my single eyelids

An hour after surgery
Double eyelid surgery_blog_Singapore_2014_

3rd day
Eyes started to swell, with minor bruising around
Double eyelid surgery_blog_Singapore_blogger_2014

7th day – follow-up at the clinic (no makeup)
Double eyelid surgery_blog_Singapore_2014_ (3)

10th day (no makeup)
Double eyelid surgery_blog_Singapore_2014_ (2)

Day 30 – with thin eyeliner on

For more recent updates of how my eyes look now, view my recent blog posts here

It’s looking pretty natural already but I am listening to the doctor and staying off make-up for 2-3 weeks. The whole process was surprisingly bearable and I only had to take painkillers on the first day.  So glad I finally went through with it.

Disclaimer: Not promoting plastic surgery here, just sharing my experience with girls and guys looking for information on the net.

If you’re going for double eyelid surgery and have any questions at all, feel free to email me at and I will help wherever I can.

For more information, you can read more at Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore




  1. I’m happy that you are satisfied with your decision. I’m usually not much into that surgery-thing, but if a simple surgery can make ppl feel much more confident and happy about themselves, I say go for it. Happy for you :)

  2. You were beautiful before and still beautiful after the surgery. It is awesome that you stayed true to what you wanted and went for it. So happy you are recovering well and enjoying your subtle new look.

  3. hi jenn! was your double eyelid tapered or parallel before you did the surgery, and how much did it cost? i’m going to singapore in may and i’m thinking of getting parallel lids (i have tapered ones, i personally don’t like the way they look haha). you look nice with them :)

    • Hi Sarah :)

      I had uneven eyelids (one side single, one double). The side with the double was tapered before the surgery.

      I spent about 3.2k (incl of medication, and 2 follow-up consultations)

      I chose to do tapered lids (7mm) cause they look more natural without makeup (which I don’t have time to put on in the morning)

      Parallel lids are definitely nice! But I suggest going to the consult where the doctor will show you how you look with parallel lids and then decide :)

  4. You don’t look Asian anymore. I mean you don’t look western either. You look like an Asian girl who had surgery and I honestly think you looked better before. That’s my opinion.

    I read a blog once about a Chinese guy who grew up in England. He had surgery after surgery and realized one day that he didn’t know who he was anymore. The person staring back at him wasn’t him. He was Asian. He looked like someone else. Not western. Just overly operated. He hated it. But it was too late. He asked his grandpa to teach him Chinese. His grandpa laughed and said, after all that money in denying your ethnicity, now you want to learn Chinese. Forget it.

    Don’t lose your identity. Don’t deny who you are. That’s all I’m saying.

    • hey…thanks for your comment. I mentioned in the post that I did this cause I had uneven eyelids – one single, one double. It was a flaw in me that bothered me and I got surgery to fix it. If it could make me happier, why not?

      And also, no one has told me I don’t look asian anymore. I live in an Asian country my whole life and many asian girls have double eyelids. Please don’t assume I’m getting double eyelids to look more caucasian. I have no intention of doing that.

      And also, I said this is the most I will do with regards to plastic surgery. I’m not the type who will go under the knife for beauty. Understand plastic surgery is a sensitive topic to many and I don’t expect everyone to understand why I went through this, but it mended a huge gap in my self esteem and I’m happy with my decision.

      • Hey. I did not mean to offend you at all. I live in Korea and the girls here are crazier than Ashley Simpson about plastic surgery. I get what you mean. I fell on my face as a kid and broke my nose. It’s now a tiny bit asymmetrical and I often felt like having it fixed, but I don’t know if the pain is worth it. You look good. Was it really sore?

  5. I am also deciding to have double eyelid surgery done with Dr Andrew Tay. You look really pretty with your new look. May I know if the $3.2k includes GST as well? Also, how many days of leave did you have to take, as I don’t have many leaves to take too from work. Thanks alot! :)

    • Hey dear, I paid 700+ for my first consult & 20% deposit, and then abt $2500 on the actual day surgery. So I would think the entire sum incl GST, is around $3200-$3300 :)

      I did my op on a Fri noon, so I took half day off for that, and was back at work on the following Thursday. So that’s a total of 3.5 days leave… Do note that you’ll be asked to go to a follow-up one week after the surgery, so portion out half day’s leave for that too!

      Suggest you consult with him first and he will advise whether your eye type is more suited for suture or incision. Incision will take a far longer time to heal..

  6. Hi Jenni! You look great! It looks so natural! \(^o^)/ totally feel you on the eyeliner coloring, which I have to do also D;

  7. i love your post on eyelid surgery. very comprehensive and you replied promptly on any queries.
    May i know did you take a medicine called sinecch to help reduce swelling? Any method you used to help reduce swelling?
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Jenn. Was the surgery done on single-eyelid eye only since the other had double-eyelid already? If both, he adjusted the inherent double-eyelid higher or? Also, since the effects are not permanent, how would it fade? Back to original state?

    • Hey sorry for the late reply Benjamin!

      The surgery was done on both eyes. My original double eyelid was quite low in height, so it got adjusted slightly higher.

      For suture method, it’s said to last 5-7 yrs. When the stitch in your eyes break due to wear and tear, your eyelids will go back to the original state. If you’re sure, suggest that you go for the cutting method, which lasts forever.

      I wasn’t sure that I will like double eyelids on myself so I went for suture method. Once my stitch breaks in a few yrs, I will definitely do the cutting method.

      Hope this helps!

  9. Hi Jenni,

    Thanks so much for sharing! I got mine done (also suture method) 6 days ago. My left eye is still quite bruised because I think the doctor didn’t wait long enough for the anaesthetic to work before he started operating.

    I’m so worried that mine won’t drop, but reading about your experience and seeing your photos has been so helpful. I hope I’m just being unrealistic about recovery time, and that within a month, my results will also look natural.

    You’re stunning- thanks again for sharing!

    • Congrats dear! Yes, the swelling will come down , don’t worry too much about it. Here’s wishing you a quick recovery and to beautiful eyes ! :D

  10. Hey! You’re really brave for going doing the surgery. I might be a bit late to this post, but how is the stitching holding up? Also, i’m looking to get the surgery and was wondering if they prescribe you pain medication and antibiotics?

    Thank you!

    • Hey dear, stitching is holding up great till now :) Yes, they do provide pain medication but I didn’t get any antibiotics! Best of luck!

  11. Hi Jenni, did you feel the double eyelid effects lasting longer than you thought or going to mend again? I always have double eyelids until i went for a face exfoliatiton. It sting my eye area including my eyelids. After some weeks later one eye became triple eyelid! I’m pretty sure it is because of that but there’s nothing i can do. I have been thinking of mending it but i don’t want to spend thousands unless it can create a western look which means the crease has got to be much higher. Anyone you know had western look eyelids?

    • Hi dear, my double eyelids still look the same. Not going to mend it, but gonna cut when the stitching breaks…

      Western looking eyelids will be the non-tapered kinda crease. Go for the parallel crease. I know a friend who did it and she looks very pretty.

      You can ask the doctor to show you how it looks like – tapered vs parallel on your face. He has a eyelid creation tool which you can use to compare.

  12. Nice post ! i am not usually much into that surgery things.i become scared to listen about any surgery. Am feeling great that these surgeries make people happy.and give the courage to others.

  13. Hi! Thanks for sharing.. You are so beautiful with your new eyelids anyway… :)
    I notice that in the day 7th and 10th, the eyelids between left and right is uneven, but its much better in the last picture
    May I know how long does it takes to even eyelids? Is it already even, or because you are using make up to cover the unevenness?

    I just done my eyelids 3 weeks ago, but until now, my eyes still uneven.. I really worried about the result… >.<

    thank you~

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