Kith Cafe at Quayside Isle

Spent New Year’s eve with my favorite girls. Was supposed to do our Masterchef thing and cook a dish each but we gave up due to lack of time. Went to Sentosa Cove and decided to give Kith a try.


With my pretty Bernie
Kith_cafe_review_sentosa_restaurants_cafes_Singapore (2)

Marinara, $22
Linguine, Mixed Seafood, White Wine, Tomato & Garlic
Kith_cafe_review_sentosa_restaurants_cafes_Singapore _pasta

Mushroom Aglio Olio, $18
Spaghetti, Mushroom, Garlic, Chili, Olive Oil & Parsley
Kith_cafe_review_sentosa_restaurants_cafes_Singapore _pasta (2)

I had the Aglio Olio while Su and Bernie had the Marinara. Though mine didn’t look all that appetizing, the general consensus was that mine tasted better! Not really a fan of tomato based pastas cause they can be a little too sweet.

Dinner wasn’t too bad and we’re too lazy to move elsewhere for dessert, so we decided to stay and try out their desserts.

While waiting for desserts to be served…


Su and Bernie

Sorry, we didn’t maintain.

Panna Cotta, $6
Vanilla Cream Flan, Mixed Berries

Not one of my favorite desserts. Way too sweet for my liking! Su said it’s good, so if you have a sweet tooth and like milky pudding-ish stuff, this is for you.


Hot Chocolate Lava Cake, $10
Served with French Vanilla Gelato (wait time of 20 mins)

Nothing gets better than warm chocolate oozing out of a perfectly baked cake, paired with vanilla gelato. NOTHING.

Kith’s version was pretty decent. The cake was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and their gelato was quite milky. I gave it a 8/10.

Was a pretty short meetup but am so glad to be able to see you girls that night! ❤

31 Ocean Way, #01-08
Sentosa Cove



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