Rice and Fries x ECP

Met up with Nard and Jess for lunch at Rice and Fries on New Year’s Day :D


Rice and Fries_Singapore_Cafe_Review_2014

No idea why the reviews are so good online. We found the food barely passable. Maybe they aren’t so well known for their brunch menu.

We decided to head to ECP to cycle since the weather was good! Plus we had nothing to do.

I disappeared halfway and headed to the beach for a little ‘me time’ while them both cycled on. Felt so nice to just sit there and listen to the waves.

Saw little kids building sandcastles with their little buckets and spades. And their smile when their masterpiece was done…? Priceless.

As a kid, my favorite past time at the beach was….. hunting for mini crabs during low tide! (I know right, why was I such a tomboy)

These supergas are really quite lasting, given I’ve had them for a year now.

We cycled till the very end of the park and made our way back to the floral garden area. The grass patch was so pretty and filled with small flowers all around so I went right ahead and sat down.

Then a voice went (I shall be nice and not name who): “Why are you sitting on the grass…. like a bangla”. So mean. TSK.



Made our way up this tower








Saw two squirrels on a tree while on the way back to return the bikes, got too excited and rode the bike closer but it ran into a curb. Pulled a muscle and it hurts like hell today.

But still, the salty sea breeze, the sound of the waves… felt so therapeutic. Good workout yesterday though we ended the day eating Chong Pang Nasi Lemak hehe :D hope you guys had a good new year break too! ♥


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