Meetup with the girls (Sarang Korean Restaurant)

Xmas meetup with the girlies at Sarang! All of us are pretty into the korean phase so we decided on Korean food in the end. Have eaten at Sarang before it was renovated and was excited to see how the new place is like :D

My tofu stew (which was totally not worth 18 bucks). Had no choice cause I was having like 10 ulcers and nothing else on the menu is friendly. Zzzzzzz
20131227_195316 (1)

Some soju to go with the korean dishes! Really bitter and not to my liking :(

The seating area was pretty windy and nice but it got a little too cold for my liking. But overall the renovated place looks more cheery than before reno.

Food wise we paid bout 30 per pax, not very worth it for some dishes (like mine) but their bbq meats are not bad. It wasn’t crowded at all on a Friday night which is quite a stark difference to their pre-reno period.


And then we do the Asian thing – take photos and do a twist.

Them too, LOL

Love this photo of us. Can’t wait to see you guys again soon :)
IMG_20131228_084918 (1)

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