It’s the last Monday of 2013 today and there’s a lot going through my mind. Can’t help but feel that I didn’t accomplish very much this year.

Somehow I wished they had picked me to go to Philippines to help the typhoon victims but I guess my lack of experience doesn’t warrant me a chance. But then again, I guess I might not have the mental strength to deal with dead bodies strewn all over the streets.

The next half year will be a busy one, and I certainly hope it’ll be a fulfilling one. There are just so many things I want to do and see but I’m really short of time.

I may have sort of became a party girl recently but I guess that’s the mistake people make when they fall out of love. Just to show that they are out there, enjoying and being happy instead of mellowing at home crying their guts out. I know I am better than this but I chose the easy way out.

Note to self: No going back to your incessant clubbing phase again.

Love needs not only passion, but actual hard work to sustain. I hope 2014 will be a new start.

I can already feel that next year will be a better year.

2014, please be good to me.



  1. I can definitely relate with the phenomenon of partying a lot after a break up. I’m dealing with the same issue. Good luck with everything. Hope you have a great year!

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