4.44 AM

I’ve done it again.

By it, I meant coming home and plonking down on my bed right away. And falling into a deep deep sleep where no one can ever wake me from. Without taking off sunscreen or bathing.

Yes. I’m that tired. And I wake up at the odd 4+ am on my own with no alarms or anything. This is the 3rd night in a row. Needless to say, I wake up in shock, rush to the bathroom and take a quick bath, and hurry back to my room to those warm sheets.

But dang, everytime I take a bath, I can’t fall alsleep again. So here I am, putting on calories and watching Youtube videos at 5am. I have to stop making this a habit. My bed is simply too seductive to resist. I’m going straight to the bathroom when I get home tomorrow!

But seriously, these ovaltinies are the best cookies ever. Why didn’t I discover them sooner? 


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