I can’t believe it’s the end of another year. Where did all the time go?

December is a really busy month. I have meet-ups & gift exchanges, blog events, dinners, project get-in-shape, ZoukOut, Xmas etc.

My plastic surgery consultation will be happening end of this month too. Kinda nervous but I have decided to go for it. Will update after hearing what the doc has to say!

Can’t wait to go back to something I used to love so much – dance. Someone’s already asked me but there wasn’t any lights/laser and it wasn’t at Suntec City’s water fountain. So I guess I’ll have to wait and see…

So, I’ve been watching this Chinese show where real couples who face relationship issues come on the show and a panel of judges help them determine the problems and how to solve it. I find this couple’s story particularly relatable and thought to share…

So this guy (A) and girl (B) have been together for more than 2 years. At the start, guy was very sweet to girl and he did a lot of things for her. He would eat out with her, send her home, accompany her whenever he had free time, bring her along to his outings with friends, call her to check on her etc. As time passed, some problems arose..


Their issue:

Guy: Now feels girl too sticky and that he has no personal space

Girl: Feels that guy has changed and also, has no boundaries with friends of the opp sex


Guy says:
He agreed that he did a lot more at the start and said that it’s normal for these acts to wean off over time. He spent a lot of time with her at the start cause it was the ‘getting to know each other better’ & ‘honeymoon’ phase.


Girl says:
Guy spent a lot of time with her, so she got used to being around him. She’s not asking him to do more, but expecting the same treatment as before. Things he used to do, he stopped doing them… and when she mentions about it, he complains that she’s too sticky and to give him more personal space.

Plus, guy has a close girl ‘best friend’, who he goes out with alone. Girl can’t help but feel upset that he doesn’t keep his distance despite being attached.


Judges say:

There is no doubt that the guy has changed.

1) He used to do these sweet acts because he was into her at the start – and that as time passed, felt lesser need to do them.

2) He did not keep his distance from the opp sex and continued to go out alone with girls despite knowing his girlfriend’s worries and fears. He also didn’t make the effort to introduce gf to his girl-friends to allay her fears.

Advice to A: Choose between current gf or girl friends

Advice to B: Accept the fact that guy has changed or leave


My thoughts:

The guy is a total jerk. I snorted really hard when he said it’s normal for acts like these to wean off with time. Am I to expect my husband to totally ignore me, after say 5 years?

Afterall, married already, no need to put in any more effort right?

No point sticking with A when he’s tired of being with you and calling you sticky. Not a keeper.


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